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July 05, 2013

Headline News from - July 5, 2013

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October 16, 2008

An Update on Person-to-Person Lending in the US

In an article titled "Lending Alternative Hits Hurdle", Brad Stone writes for the New York Times about some recent challenges being faced by the person-to-person lending companies in the US market. Last week, Zopa announced it was exiting the US market. Yesterday, announced it stopped accepting new lenders pending registration of its securities with regulatory authorities. Earlier this week, Lending Club announced it had completed its registration of $600 million in securities.

May 06, 2008

A Lament about Disconnected Banking in a Connected World

On The FinanSer, Chris Skinner blogs about today's world of what he calls 'disconnected banking' - noting that bankers have 'managed to get customers out of branches and transform them into data entry clerks, who serve themselves through ATMs and the Internet.' Who's he watching instead? The social finance sites like Zopa, Prosper and more - typically dismissed by bankers as 'folly, unpractical, unregulated and untenable.'

March 12, 2008

A Look at Person-to-Person Lending

In an article titled 'Where Either a Borrower or a Lender Can Be', Jane J. Kim writes for the Wall St. Journal about person-to-person lending networks (like, Lending and and how small business owners are increasingly turning to those networks as access to bank credit has become more difficult.

Update: Jim Bruene gets this one right over on his NetBanker blog - it's actually about person-to-business lending!

December 04, 2007

Zopa Launches in US with Credit Union Partners

Zopa has launched what it says is "an online community that offers unprecedented benefits to borrowers and investors, by offering safe, market rate Zopa CDs to individual investors that are linked to lowering the payments of an individual borrower’s unsecured personal loans."


November 28, 2007

A Look at Online Lending and Zopa

In an article titled 'Online Lending Gets Easier and Safer', Jane J. Kim writes for the Wall St. Journal about Zopa's entry into the US market. Rather than doing everything itself, Zopa will be "working with several credit unions to offer person-to-person loans to prospective borrowers."

March 19, 2007

Zopa Names Douglas Dolton as Global CEO

Zopa has announced that Douglas H. Dolton, formerly CEO of Chela Education Financing, has joined the company as Global CEO. In addition, Zopa has secured additional investment of $12.9 million from its venture backers, in a Series C round led by Bessemer Venture Partners.


March 07, 2007

Zopa Celebrates Second Birthday

Zopa, the UK-based person-to-person lending marketplace, is celebrating its second birthday. An article in Easier Finance reports on Zopa's progress to date - more than 135,000 members have joined Zopa and, perhaps most significantly, very few Zopa members have failed to pay back their loans – Zopa’s default rate is 0.2%. More birthday celebration on the Zopa blog.

September 05, 2006

BankServ Acquires Magex P2P, Mobile-to-Mobile Phone Payments Business

BankServ has announced that, as part of its strategy to enter the growing field of electronic person-to-person payments, it has acquired Magex Managed Payments Platform, a division of financial technology developer Magex Holdings Ltd. The Magex Managed Payments Platform division is the producer of P2P systems that let consumers exchange money over the Internet or using their mobile phones.


July 25, 2006

Zopa Appoints Phillip J. Riese Chairman of the Board

Zopa, an online exchange for person-to-person lending and borrowing, has announced it has named Phillip J. Riese chairman of Zopa board of directors. The company also announced it has received an additional $5 million in financing from Tim Draper, founder of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, and the Rowland Family. This adds to the $26 million previously raised from Bessemer Venture Partners, Benchmark Capital and Wellington Partners to fund the company's development.


July 21, 2006

A Look At Zopa: Create Your Own Bank

Michael Clarke writes for the UK's about Zopa's "zone of possible agreement" borrower/lender matchmaking service. Clarke says "Zopa claims that the service is like investing in another asset class, other than shares, property or cash, that will give a portfolio more diversification."

June 12, 2006

A Look At Peer-To-Peer Online Lending Exchanges

TowerGroup has announced new research titled "Turbulence in the Global Economy: The Case for Peer-to-Peer Online Lending Exchanges" that finds that peer-to-peer online lending exchanges -- direct lending by investors to individual borrowers -- are emerging in the US and UK as an alternative platform to traditional savings and investment options, a trend they predict will have an impact on unsuspecting financial services institutions.


April 18, 2006

A Look At Zopa

In an article titled 'Will Zopa's P2P loans mean the death of the bank manager?", Tony Hallett writes from the UK for about Zopa's person to person lending services.

March 27, 2006

P2P Lender Zopa Raises $15 Million In Funding For California Launch

Zopa has announced a $15 million Series B funding led by Bessemer Venture Partners and including existing investors Benchmark Capital and Wellington Partners. The additional funding will support Zopa's intended California launch.


February 07, 2006

Zopa - A Finance 2.0 Company

zopalogo.gifOne of the cool things about Zopa is their Zopa blog where they talk regularly about the stuff they're doing in revolutionizing the consumer finance space. We first wrote about Zopa last August.


August 08, 2005

More on Zopa

A colleague comments on our earlier mention of Zopa:

This is, after all, exactly what happened in the U.S. to the short term corporate lending market 20 years ago, when the commercial paper marketplace took out commercial banks as the primary source of liquidity for short term corporate financing.....


August 06, 2005

Zopa: Peer to Peer Banking

Eliminate the banking middle man -- that's what Zopa's about. Rebecca Jarvis reports for Business 2.0 on what the UK's Richard Duvall is up to with Zopa.

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