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September 22, 2010

Western Union Enables Zoompass Users to Send Money Cross-Border from Their Mobile Phones

WesternUnion_logo-140px.jpgWestern Union and EnStream, creators of the Zoompass Mobile Wallet, have announced a strategic alliance that will allow Zoompass users in Canada to send cross-border and domestic money transfers directly from their mobile phones. EnStream is a mobile-commerce joint venture company owned by Bell Canada, Rogers Communications and TELUS, Canada’s three leading national wireless operators.

March 03, 2010

Zoompass Launches Contactless Mobile Payments Trial in Canada

Zoompass-sticker-Photo-17425-140px.jpgEnStream LP has announced a wireless payment sticker trial based upon the Zoompass Tag, a wireless payment device designed in the form of a sticker that can be attached to a mobile phone. Enstream says that "the Zoompass Tag ushers in the future of mobile payments by allowing consumers to tap their phones at checkout to make purchases at retail stores."

Last year, EnStream launched the Zoompass mobile application and began offering Canadians a mobile wallet. Available at and accessible on most mobile phones in Canada, Zoompass allows users to send money to friends and family from their mobile handsets.


June 15, 2009

Zoompass Launches Mobile Payment Service in Canada

Zoompass_logo-140px.jpgHere's the press release on the launch of a new mobile money transfer and payment service in Canada called Zoompass.

"Canada’s three leading wireless operators, today launched Zoompass, a breakthrough mobile money transfer and payment service. Zoompass gives Canadians a fast and convenient way to send and receive money securely using their mobile phone. The service is enabled through the Zoompass application on the mobile phone which combines an easy-to-use interface with an integrated contact manager that redefines how users send and receive money. Zoompass is a better way to pay than cash, cheque, or wire transfer." READ MORE »

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