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June 14, 2006

"Cash Push" Into Prepaid Accounts Via ConveniaLoad

At Glenbrook, we've recently heard about ConveniaLoad from a couple of our industry colleagues involved in various prepaid card programs. Based upon a quick look at the company's web site, here's a brief overview of what's interesting to us about ConveniaLoad.


April 23, 2006

Who We're Watching: SellitSAFE

Last week, Glenbrook's Allen Weinberg attended the Electronic Transaction Association's annual meeting in Las Vegas and, among all of the usual convention floor exhibits, one new company struck his fancy: SellitSAFE. Read Allen's commentary on the company.


March 15, 2006

Who We're Watching: Harland - Making Checks Better

Whenever we start thinking that the world of checking is coming to an end, we learn about a new initiative that is making checks better. Glenbrook partner Carol Coye Benson was briefed last week by Harland on their new Validify solution to combat identity theft and check fraud.


February 23, 2006

Who We're Watching: Garanti Bank

Garanti BankFrom time to time, we at Glenbrook come across companies doing new things we think are pretty cool. When we do, we'll profile them in this new "Who We're Watching" section here on Payments News.

This morning, Glenbrook's Russ Jones writes about his latest discovery: Garanti Bank in Turkey. READ MORE »

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