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December 02, 2008

How We're Using Twitter with Payments News

This particular post is mostly for the Web 2.0 payments geeks among us.

Some of you have noticed that a couple of months ago we started posting our updates to Payments News not just to this site - but also as brief snippet updates send out via Twitter. Twitter became a new way you could follow the news here - we think that, if you're an active Twitter user, you'll naturally want to sign up to follow PN there. A couple of hundred folks have already done so.

Up until we added our Twitter feed, you could tune into Payments News by just periodically checking the web site, by subscribing to our daily email distribution (if you only want a dose of PN once a day every morning - but then you're also always going to be at least a day behind!) or by monitoring the PN RSS feed in semi-real time using an RSS reader (by the way, we LOVE and highly recommend Google Reader for reading RSS feeds!).

Now, if you choose to follow PaymentsNews on Twitter, you'll see our posts almost as soon as they're published - as we're using Twitterfeed to pull our RSS feed into Twitter automatically - and push them out to your Twitter account. So, if you're already on Twitter, be sure to follow PaymentsNews. If you're new to Twitter and want to try it, you can sign up here.

If you're looking for some advice as to how all this works, take a look at Wednesday's Wall St. Journal Mossberg Solutions column titled "Birds of a Feather Twitter Together" by Katherine Boehret. Or, read Tim O'Reilly's post "Why I Love Twitter". For more tips on using Twitter, see Darren Rowse's new TwiTip blog. Or, read Guy Kawasaki's "How I Use Twitter as a Twool". Twitter is going mainstream - fast.

And, if you want to follow your Payments News editor's personal Twitter feed, you can do so by following SJL My personal tweets are much more about what I'm working on, exploring, learning, questioning, etc. and definitely not about news of the day!

Questions/comments? Click on the Feedback tab in the title bar up top on this page and send us an email! If you're active on Twitter and want us to share your feed with others here on PN (like the other payments and banking blogs we share), send us your Twitter ID and we'll add you to a new page we'll be building soon of like-minded, Twitter-oriented payments professionals!

And, if you're looking for help thinking through the implications of all this Twitter stuff for your business, we can help you with that as well. READ MORE »

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