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March 11, 2015

Headline News from - March 11, 2015

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  • How Apple Will Make the Wearable Market - Stratechery (Ben Thompson) - "It’s increasingly plausible to envision a future where all of these examples and a whole host of others in our physical environment are fundamentally transformed by software: locks that only unlock for me, payment systems that keep my money under my control..."
  • Square Acquires Kili Technology - Square Blog - "That’s why we’ve acquired Kili Technology, a company that has developed silicon, electronics, and software that simplify and optimize payment processing. They have an experienced technology team who, like our sellers, are relentless innovators and never satisfied. Together we’ll continue to lead the way in delivering simple and affordable hardware that gives our sellers a smarter and safer way to do business."
  • Why March 10 was a big day for bitcoin - Fortune - "Three bitcoin startups announce funding and big-name backers, on the same day that the price hits a new benchmark."
  • NACHA’s Payments Innovation Alliance Releases White Paper: “Leveraging the Mobile Channel for ACH Payment Innovation” - NACHA - “The mobile future is here,” said George Throckmorton, managing director, Advanced Payments Solutions at NACHA. “The use of mobile devices with ACH transactions is ripe for rapid adoption and further innovation given that it is a ubiquitous, low cost means of accessing payments.”

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