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April 07, 2015

Headline News from - April 7, 2015

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  • Early Warning to Acquire Authentify - "With Early Warning’s announced acquisition of Authentify and its 2013 equity investment and exclusive agreement with Payfone, the company has created a differentiated digital channels authentication solution suite that augments its identity and payments solutions."

  • Square: Introducing Powerful Online Marketing Tools for the Offline World - "... today we’re releasing a suite of powerful Customer Engagement tools uniquely suited for local businesses. Because you run your business with Square Register, these tools link your online marketing efforts to sales in the real world. With these tools comes Square Marketing, an easy and effective way to drive valuable foot traffic to your store."

  • Vouch Launches the First Social Network for Credit - "Led by a team of PayPal alumni and former banking executives, Vouch is on a mission to lower costs and increase access to financial power. The company allows anyone to bank on the trust they have already developed amongst their family, friends and colleagues to proactively build credit before they need it."

  • Jumio’s Netverify Speeds Up Account Verification Processes by Over 80 Per Cent for Optimal Payments’ NETELLER - Commenting on the deal Lorenzo Pellegrino, executive vice president of NETELLER, Optimal Payments said, “Our account verification process is now 80 per cent quicker, making it faster and easier for customers to pay online. Over three quarters of our account upgrades are now automatically processed through Jumio, saving hours of manual review time by our staff and benefiting our bottom line.”

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