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March 01, 2012

December 23, 2011

February 10, 2011

December 29, 2010

June 16, 2009

MasterCard Partners with UKash to Launch rePower in Europe

Ukash_logo-140px.jpgUkash has announced that it is partnering with MasterCard and will help facilitate the launch of the MasterCard rePower service in Europe - a service that allows consumers to load cash onto their MasterCard and Maestro prepaid cards at Point-of-Sale (POS) locations. READ MORE »

April 02, 2009

Ukash, UATP Partner for Cash Payments for Airlines

Ukash has announced an agreement with UATP which will make it possible for consumers to pay for flights over the Internet using cash, it was announced at the annual Airline Distribution conference today. READ MORE »

September 21, 2006

GlobalCollect Adds Prepaid From Ukash, Paysafecard

GlobalCollect has announced the integration of Ukash and paysafecard, two prepaid solutions, into its online payment platform WebCollect. According to GlobalCollect, "cash is still the only purchasing power for those who do not possess a card or a bank account such as young online shoppers. These prepaid solutions are also targeting shoppers who do not want to disclose payment details online due to fears around identity theft and security or those who desire anonymity and discretion."

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