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August 19, 2015

Headline News from - August 19, 2015

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  • New American Express Serve® Prepaid Debit Account Earns Rewards - "American Express announced Serve Cash Back, a new prepaid debit Account option that will earn Accountholders 1% cash back on purchases. Consumers who spend in line with the 2012 – 2013 U.S. Department of Labor national averages for gas, groceries, dining out, clothing, transportation and entertainment using the Serve Cash Back Card could potentially earn more than $400 annually when earning 1% cash back."
  • In-store Shopping Experience a Major Factor in Major Purchase Decisions, Synchrony Financial Study Finds - "Results show that shoppers enjoy the immediacy and interaction of in-store purchases. Shopping in-store allows them to take the product home on the same day, see and feel the product, and interact with a store associate. Some respondents noted they simply like to shop at the retailer."

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February 27, 2015

Headline News from - February 27, 2015

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  • Visa to Acquire TrialPay - "As a payments technology partner to merchants globally, Visa will integrate TrialPay into its product portfolio as a simple, cost-effective way to help merchants acquire customers, drive traffic, and increase sales by reaching Visa cardholders with targeted offers."
  • CaixaBank develops new biometrics-based financial services - "CaixaBank launches the first application in Europe to support online banking transactions using voice commands. This represents the bank’s first service to explore the possibilities offered by biometrics to enhance customer interaction with banking channels."
  • American Express Adds New Benefits to Premier Rewards Gold Card - “We’re making one of our most popular cards even better. This latest investment for our Premier Rewards Gold Card Members is designed to deepen our relationship by providing more value in the areas they spend most -- from everyday spending on things like gas and groceries, to dining and larger travel purchases,” said Lisa Durocher, SVP, Consumer Charge Cards & Benefits at American Express.

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Note: Headline News is compiled by Glenbrook Partners. Throughout the day, as we spot interesting developments, this post is updated. Do you have news to share? Tell us here:!

September 15, 2014

Headline News from - September 15, 2014

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  • The New AmEx - Barron's - "While 64% of card purchases were for travel and entertainment in 1990, those areas now make up just 26% of spending on the cards."
  • The Critical Path #122: Where the Money is - (Horace Dediu) - "How and why does Apple get paid for Apple Pay? Anders and Horace dive into the payments value chain and break it all down for you: whats in it for users, merchants, issuing banks and payment networks."
  • Why Apple Pay could succeed where others have had underwhelming results - ArsTechnica - "Instead, Apple Pay will succeed where others have seen only tepid results because of timing (that key element in both comedy and product launches)."
  • Did Apple just become a big bank? - - “People have been paying in the United States using plastic cards for 40 years. This is, without question, the most significant technological change in payments in four decades.”
  • The Digital Wallet Revolution - New York Times - "That’s the sort of thing that the current generation of digital wallets already promises; the only obstacle is adoption by retailers. But that won’t be an obstacle for long. Frictionless exchange is a killer app."
  • Digital Wallets - Credit Slips (Adam Levitin) - "The term "digital wallet" gets used a lot without much precision. It's important to understand what a digital wallet is, and isn't."
  • Mobile operators abandon joint 'wave and pay' project as Apple looms - Telegraph (UK) - "Weve, a company owned by EE, O2 and Vodafone, has abandoned plans for a standard 'mobile wallet’ service that it was hoped would make it easier for retailers and banks to work with the operators."
  • The ATM and the Battle for Bitcoin’s Physical Interface - CoinDesk - "The ATM Industry Association released a position paper on bitcoin ATMs this month, calling for greater regulation and welcoming bitcoin ATM operators into the fold."

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Note: Headline News is compiled by Glenbrook Partners. Throughout the day, as we spot interesting developments, this post is updated. Do you have news to share? Tell us here:!

August 27, 2014

Headline News from - August 27, 2014

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June 07, 2013

Headline News from - June 7, 2013

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January 31, 2012

TrialPay Secures $40 Million in Funding For Offer-Based Payments Platform

Trialpay logo 140pxTrialPay has announced that it has raised more than $40 million in its latest round of funding.
“TrialPay’s approach to payments is different,” said Reid Hoffman, Partner at Greylock Partners. “Their tremendous growth in the last year validates the efficacy of the model. We believe that the next generation of e-commerce depends on the ability to maximize revenue from every transaction, and TrialPay is the only company that has successfully leveraged global advertiser relationships to meet that end.”

Visa was also an investor in this round of funding.

December 17, 2010

TrialPay Rides Social Gaming Wave to Double Transaction Volume in 2010

trialpay_logo_140px.pngTrialPay has announced that it "has more than doubled its total platform revenue and transaction volume in 2010 and expanded its reach to more than 80 million users. TrialPay's transactional advertising approach has evolved from a marketing strategy for software companies into a critical monetization platform for social game publishers, online services, and retailers, with leadership in a wide range of fast-growing categories such as freemium applications and Web services."

November 04, 2010

New TrialPay Checkout Flow Increases Online Conversions by 10% or More

trialpay_logo_140px.pngTrialPay has announced a redesign of its checkout flow to help its 10,000 online merchants convert more of their free users into paying customers. The company says "the new checkout flow, which features significant UI enhancements and a more streamlined design, is already proving effective: extensive A/B testing showed that the redesign can increase conversions by 10-15% and greatly improves the user experience."

October 08, 2010

TrialPay Launches DealSpot to Bring In-Game Offers to Social Apps

trialpay_logo_140px.pngTrialPay has announced the launch of DealSpot, a comprehensive promotion framework that delivers exclusive deals and branded engagements inside social applications. "In order to give publishers control over the deal context, TrialPay has pioneered an industry first: deals automatically appear in games via dynamically loaded Flash components that appear when relevant deals are available to consumers."

May 10, 2010

TrialPay Finds that Mother's Day Was Payday for Social Game Publishers

TrialPay_logo-140px.pngBased on results of a study that tracks Mother's Day campaigns conducted by social games on the Facebook Platform, TrialPay reports that Mother's Day generated a 5x boost in social games revenues, driving $1 million per day for publishers with 40% of purchasers being first-time buyers.

"According to TrialPay's research, in the week leading up to Mother's Day, about $1 million per day was generated by "gifts for mom" promotions that paired offers from online flower merchants and others with free in-game virtual goods and currency. TrialPay estimates that these promotions drove a 5x increase in social game revenues over normal daily revenue, and found that about 40% of purchasers were first-time buyers in these games. In addition to adding new buyers, the holiday also helped game publishers more than double their visitor conversion rates - meaning that twice as many players as usual made a purchase during the period."

To download the full research report (registration required), visit READ MORE »

December 17, 2009

TrialPay - Doing Right by the Consumer: Going Beyond Compliance

TrialPay has published issued a new whitepaper titled, “Doing Right by the Consumer: Going Beyond Compliance.” The paper, which is based upon guidelines that TrialPay says it has adhered to since the company’s inception 2006, outlines "best practices for gaming developers, publishers, advertisers and offer companies to ensure consumer protections and long-term success of the industry at large." READ MORE »

October 12, 2009

A Look at Abandonment at the Virtual Checkout Counter

In an article titled "Closing the Deal at the Virtual Checkout Counter", Claire Cain Miller writes for the New York Times about how consumers sometimes load up their shopping carts online - and then just abandon them. She notes that "while there is no industrywide data, some e-commerce companies estimate that only about 3 percent of shoppers who visit an e-commerce site buy something, and when they do load their shopping carts, as many as two-thirds abandon them."

April 08, 2009

TrialPay Unveils New Purchase Incentive Platform

TrialPay has announced that it is expanding its payment and promotions solutions to "include a Purchase Incentive Platform, which lets online sellers optimize conversions and boost Average Order Value (AOV) while reducing promotional costs, like deep discounts and free shipping." READ MORE »

November 26, 2008

TrialPay Launches Free Gifts Site for Holiday Shoppers

TrialPay has announced the launch of a new shopping web site where "shoppers can buy gifts from their favorite brands—and get a free present for themselves in the process (movie tickets, software licenses, game subscriptions, career advice and more)." READ MORE »

September 17, 2008

TrialPay Expands to 6,000 Merchants and 12 Million Users

TrialPay has announced reaching two milestones today: supporting 6,000 merchants and acquiring its 12 millionth user. According to the company, "this represents a 20 percent growth in merchant and user numbers in just over a month for the two-year-old payment platform." READ MORE »

August 27, 2008

TrialPay Expands Advertising Options

TrialPay has announced the launch of a new Gifts & Gourmet category with the company saying that "top companies from the food industry have enlisted in this new advertising section, marking a milestone for the payment method widely used for digital goods and services." READ MORE »

August 13, 2008

TrialPay Tops 10 Million Users of Its Online Payment Platform

TrialPay has announced that, In less than two years, it now has more than 10 million users with more than 5,000 premier merchants having adopted its unique payment platform.

According to TrialPay, "unlike regular options such as Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Google Checkout and Bill Me Later, TrialPay actually increases a customer's willingness to pay by giving a 2-for-1 with every purchase. In just its second year, TrialPay counts 18 million visitors each month and 40,000 new users every day from around the globe to rival that of other top-tier online payment companies." READ MORE »

May 20, 2008

Day 2 Field Report from NACHA's Payments 2008 Conference

Glenbrook's Allen Weinberg and Jim Salters are attending this week's Payments 2008 conference in Las Vegas. Here's Allen's second report from today's sessions including his notes on the panel he chaired this afternoon titled “Payments aren’t about Payments Anymore”.

FreshGames Partners with TrialPay

TrialPay has announced it is partnering with FreshGames to give away ZenGems, Cubis 2 and the Cubis 2 Expansion Pack for free. Using TrialPay, players can get FreshGames’ most popular titles free for a limited time by trying or buying an offer from blue-chip advertisers. READ MORE »

February 20, 2008

TrialPay Announces Series B Financing

TrialPay has announced that is has closed a $12.7 millionSeries B round of financing - bringing the total amount raised to $15.8 million. The company also announced that it now has 5.2 million registered users - with over 15,000 new users joining TrialPay daily.


February 18, 2008

Making the Sale with TrialPay

In an article titled 'A Referral Service That Ensures Someone Actually Makes a Sale', Bob Tedeschi writes for the New York Times about TrialPay's 'new marketing method that relies on a web of business relationships to give consumers free goods, as long as they buy something else from a long list of well-known online stores.' [Note: Glenbrook recently published a briefing about TrialPay.]

February 11, 2008

TrialPay and FTD Team Up For Valentine's Day

Ryan Kim reports for the San Francisco Chronicle about how TrialPay and FTD are teaming up. "Let's say you're shopping at Cnet's for some software but the price seems to be getting in your way. Well, TrialPay is offering to make the software free if you buy some flowers at FTD. They'll also take 10 percent off the price of your flower purchase." [Note: Glenbrook recently published a briefing about TrialPay titled "Converting Customers With TrialPay - A New Payment Alternative for Online Merchants" icon_PDF_small.gif.]

January 30, 2008

Converting Customers with TrialPay

Payments News has covered TrialPay several times. Recently, Glenbrook's Russ Jones and Scott Loftesness completed a fourteen-page Research Brief entitled "Converting Customers With TrialPay - A New Payment Alternative for Online Merchants." To request a complimentary PDF copy of this Glenbrook Research Brief, click here.

October 06, 2007

TrialPay Partners With Skype for Free Calling

TrialPay has partnered with Skype to enable Skype users to be able to make free SkypeOut or international calls when the user tries or buys from TrialPay's network of partners.

September 20, 2007

TrialPay Updates Business Results

TrialPay has announced that it has achieved more than 2.6 million registered users, 1,000 merchants and over 2,000 advertisers using its platform and that its user base continues to grow with more than 10,000 individuals registering daily.


August 28, 2007

TrialPay Helps Turn Browsers Into Buyers

Rebecca Buckman writes for the Wall St. Journal about TrialPay, a Mountain View, California-based startup that allows web merchants to offer consumers goods and services for free - if the consumer accepts another unrelated offer such as agreeing to open a new credit card account. Buckman writes about Zagat's use of TrialPay: "Zagat gets paid by the partner Web merchants for directing business their way -- sometimes even more than the $24.95 cost of a yearly Zagat subscription." More details at the TrialPay web site - and in this earlier article we posted on Payments News for July 17, 2007.

July 17, 2007

A Look at TrialPay's Pay by Trying Something New Service

We met recently with Alex Rampell, CEO of TrialPay, a Mountain View, California-based company that provides merchants with a new payment method that allows customers to pay for products by trying or buying from a network of advertisers.

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