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August 21, 2012

March 27, 2012

February 22, 2012

ThreatMetrix Launches TrustDefender Mobile

ThreatMetrix logo 140pxThreatMetrix announced the launch of a new mobile software development kit (SDK) that helps identify fraudulent transactions originating from mobile applications. "The new product, called TrustDefender Mobile, expands on ThreatMetrix’s already established malware detection and cookieless device identification technology for laptops and desktop computers. The same risk-based fraud screening capability that is available to browser-based transactions is now available to mobile applications."

February 13, 2012

ThreatMetrix and TransUnion Launch Enhanced Fraud Prevention Platforms

TransUnion logo 140pxThreatMetrix and TransUnion have announced a collaborative effort to incorporate features and functionality from their respective fraud prevention platforms.
“Today’s reality is that device identity is a critical component of a person’s overall online identity. The combination of personal and device identity verification now available through the TransUnion and ThreatMetrix platforms is good for consumers in that it can prevent unauthorized transactions if their online identity has been compromised,” said TransUnion’s Jeff Brown, vice president, Identity Risk Solutions.

January 10, 2012

ThreatMetrix Acquires TrustDefender

ThreatMetrix logo 140pxThreatMetrix has announced that it has acquired the Australian-based company TrustDefender, a "recognized leader of secure browsing technology to stop man-in-the-browser (MitB) attacks and provide malware protection." The combined companies will operate under the ThreatMetrix name with global operations in the United States, Australia and Europe. The corporate headquarters will be located in San Jose, California.

June 15, 2011

April 26, 2011

Survey Says 85% of Consumers Believe Online Fraud Is a Growing Concern

Survey graphic 140pxThreatMetrix has announced some results of a joint study with the Ponemon Institute that reveals consumers' growing concern over online fraud.
Results showed that 85% of survey respondents reported being worried and dissatisfied with the level of protection online businesses are providing to stop fraudsters today, which is up 5% from a 2009 Ponemon study that asked the same question. 42% of respondents, in fact, said they have been the victim of online fraud. Of those, 80% said they did not report the crime, however, and only 19% said they reported it only to the online business directly.

March 21, 2011

ThreatMetrix Cloud-Based Fraud Prevention Platform

ThreatMetrix logo 140pxThreatMetrix has announced the availability of its cloud-based Fraud Prevention Platform.
"The ThreatMetrix Cloud-Based Fraud Prevention Platform provides companies with the ability to authenticate payments, new accounts and returning customers online regardless of the device involved -- be it a smartphone, personal or tablet computer -- without requiring a forklift install of hardware or software," said Reed Taussig, president and CEO, ThreatMetrix.

March 08, 2011

February 09, 2011

January 18, 2011

November 30, 2010

November 16, 2010

June 16, 2009

ThreatMetrix Tackles Mobile Commerce Security on Smartphones

ThreatMetrix_logo-140px.jpgThreatMetrix has unveiled a new mobile security application for smartphone users called SafeAndSurf - a web browser that securely stores a smartphone user's personal data until he or she is ready to sign-on to a social network, execute an online banking transaction, or complete an ecommerce purchase. According to the company, "SafeAndSurf is the only mobile security application to safeguard a smartphone user's personal information and also allow the user to automatically insert that information to transaction data fields, a combination that allows consumers to shop, bank and play on their smartphones more safely and easily." SafeAndSurf is available today for use on the Apple iPhone. READ MORE »

March 10, 2009

ThreatMetrix Introduces Fraud Prevention 2.0

ThreatMetrix has announced an upgrade to its isoftware-as-a-service fraud and abuse-prevention solution. Calling it "the first major release of the product since ThreatMetrix relocated to the United States from Australia at the end of last year, ThreatMetrix Fraud Prevention 2.0 includes more than two dozen feature enhancements, all of which are designed to help merchants and financial institutions thwart cyber criminals before the first transaction." READ MORE »

January 21, 2009

ThreatMetrix Moves HQ to US from Australia

ThreatMetrix, a on-demand fraud detection company, has announced that it has relocated to the US from Australia where the firm had been based since its inception in 2005. "A pioneer in device identification technology, which is quickly becoming the de facto standard in online fraud detection, ThreatMetrix will operate from Los Altos, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley. The company will continue to maintain research-and-development operations in Australia." READ MORE »
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