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October 03, 2007

Amazon Payments Now Powers TextPayMe Mobile Payments

TextPayMe has a new website accessed via an subdomain URL that says its now "Powered by Amazon Payments". TextPayMe, still in beta, was one of the first person to person mobile payment companies to launch when it was initially introduced in December 2005.


July 06, 2007

An Update on Mobile Payments Provider TextPayMe

TextPayMe, one of the first person-to-person mobile payment services to launch (PN first covered TextPayMe on December 13, 2005), has recently enabled users to link a Visa or MasterCard to their TextPayMe account for the purpose of funding payments. TextPayMe says it is currently "designed for personal use only" and caps the amount of money that can be sent or received at $500 per month per account - but the company says it is "working to include a merchant account feature to allow our users to surpass the initial payment limits." TextPayMe is currently offering a $5 referral bonus for referring new members to its mobile payment service.

July 11, 2006

Mobile Commerce Back On The Move

Michal Lev-Ram writes for Business 2.0 about mobile commerce - saying its time has finally come. In the article, Lev-Ram looks at BillMonk, PayPal Mobile, Obopay, TextPayMe, and MyTango. According to Dan Schatt, a senior analyst at Celent, "The stars are finally aligning. This will happen a lot faster than most people realize."

June 30, 2006

TextPayMe Temporarily Disables Credit/Debit Card Funding

Friends are reporting receiving an email notice from mobile payments operator TextPayMe saying that they've "temporarily disabled" their credit/debit card payment option and will only be supporting funding directly from bank checking accounts in the meantime. In the email, TextPayMe says it plans to bring back the credit/debit card capability "shortly" along with introducing some other new features to the service.

June 13, 2006

Using Mobile Payments

KLTV in Tyler, Texas takes a look at how a mobile payment service like Obopay, TextPayMe, or PayPal Mobile can be used to settle up among friends. "Each service operates differently, but the basic idea is the same. To pay text a code or command to the company along with the amount and the recipient's cell phone number."

May 21, 2006

Pay By Phone: Money Just A Text Away

Kirstin Cole reports for WCBS-TV in New York about using mobiile payments to transfer money among friends using Text-Pay-Me, Obopay, or PayPal Mobile.

May 04, 2006

From Wireless Ventures: A Look At Text Pay Me

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer's John Cook reports from the Wireless Ventures conference in San Jose on a presentation by Text Pay Me's founder and CEO Philip Yuen in which he described his company's differentiation from PayPal Mobile.

April 26, 2006

You've Got Money: Paying via Mobile Text Message

Mylene Mangalindan and Jessica E. Vascellaro of the Wall St. Journal review the new mobile payment services from PayPal Mobile, Obopay, and TextPayMe. Earlier this month, we posted the Payments News US Mobile Payments Players - Comparisons chart that also outlines the most important similarities and differences between these three mobile payments services.

April 05, 2006

Comparing PayPal Mobile, Obopay and TextPayMe

At Glenbrook, we've put together a preliminary comparison table that compares a number of the attributes of PayPal Mobile, Obopay and TextPayMe. It will probably need to be updated after PayPal officially announces PayPal Mobile tomorrow - and we'd like to remind you again that we said this comparison table was preliminary or, as Google would say, it's in beta. We certainly haven't had time to "make it pretty" either! Comments/corrections/feedback appreciated! Click here to view the table.

April 01, 2006

March 06, 2006

February 10, 2006

TextPayMe: Eliminating the IOU

Rachel Metz reports for Wired News on mobile payments company TextPayMe.


January 31, 2006

TextPayMe Update

TextPayMe CEO Phil Yuen emailed me today with some updates on his recently launched mobile payments startup.


January 29, 2006

TextPayMe - The Real Story

TextPayMeOver on the TextPayMe blog, the founders share why they really started this new mobile payments company:

"We wanted to split dinnertime bills easily and fairly."


December 22, 2005

December 13, 2005

Glenbrook's QuickTake: TextPayMe

Glenbrook - Russ JonesEarlier today, we posted an item on the beta launch of a new text-based mobile payment service called TextPayMe.

Glenbrook's Russ Jones has taken a quick look at this new service and provides some initial comments on what he sees.


TextPayMe Announces SMS-based Money Transfer

Earlier this month, TextPayMe announced a new text messaging-based service for sending money using mobile phones. The company says it supports deposits from electronic bank transfers or credit cards and supports withdrawals via wire transfer or mailed checks.

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