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November 09, 2009

INSIDE Contactless Powers Taggo Stickers

INSIDE Contactless has announced that it is providing critical infrastructure components to Taggo, a membership card aggregator and storefront, for the new service Taggo will launch in Singapore and other parts of South East Asia early next year. Using ID stickers based on INSIDE's PicoPass(r) 2KS contactless memory chip, contactless readers based on INSIDE's M210-2G proximity coupler and INSIDE's integration and adoption services, Taggo has developed a way for mobile phone stickers to replace plastic loyalty and membership cards from a variety of retail merchants. READ MORE »

September 04, 2009

Taggo - NFC for Retailers, Cardless for Consumers

Aneace Haddad sends word this morning of his new venture Taggo - with the tagline "Go cardless, go Taggo!" For more, see his blog post "Taggo’s first VAR partnerships are about to bring new NFC capabilities to retailers across the Asia-Pacific region".
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