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November 14, 2014

Headline News from - November 14, 2014

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  • Glenbrook’s Retailing Framework - (Russ Jones) - "I’ve been thinking a lot about how payments and payment-related technologies fit into the emerging world of multi-channel commerce or omni-commerce as some people call it."
  • Will Bitcoin replace SWIFT? - Financial Services Club Blog - "We have a technology that is being developed in the open for almost six years now, that has more compute power behind it on a decentralised basis than any open source project in history, and that could fundamentally destroy the banking system … and only a miniscule of bankers are trying to understand it."

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  • Bank of Canada is Keeping a Close Eye on E-Money, Says Senior Deputy Governor Carolyn Wilkins - "E-money has the potential over time to alter the fundamental payments architecture around the world and could pose risks both to individuals and the Canadian financial system as a whole. That is why Canada is modernizing its oversight framework for payments."
  • Green Dot Supports CFPB’s Proposed Rules For Prepaid Debit Cards - "Green Dot’s Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Steve Streit testified yesterday at the CFPB field hearing on the topic in Wilmington, DE. As part of his prepared testimony, Mr. Streit said, “Today the prepaid industry takes another step towards maturity and passes another milestone on its path to long term sustainability and critical mass. I, as a person, and Green Dot, as a company, fully support the CFPB's mission."

Updates from Glenbrook:

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October 01, 2014

Glenbrook Report from Sibos 2014

PaymentsViews logo 140px Glenbrook's Elizabeth McQuerry is at Sibos 2014 in Boston this week, and has posted some initial impression of this years conference.

So, what have I seen so far? The biggest idea so far has been a demo of a real-time, payment transaction risk-scoring module. You read that correctly: real time, transaction risk-scoring. This gets to a fundamental problem for banks – what types of activities are my customers up to?
The full post is over on Payments Views.

March 12, 2014

Headline News from - March 12, 2014

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Note: Headline News is compiled by Glenbrook Partners. Throughout the day, as we spot interesting developments, this post is updated. Do you have news to share? Tell us here:!

January 07, 2014

Headline News from - January 7, 2014

Next Glenbrook Payments Boot Camps: Feb 4-5 in Palo Alto, CA; March 18-19 in New York City. Alternatively, you can request a private Payments Workshop held on-site at your location.

On the Web:

  • Explain Bitcoin Like I’m Five - Medium (nikSter) - "We didn’t need a third person there to help us make the transfer. We didn’t need to pull in Uncle Tommy (who’s a famous judge) to sit with us on the bench and confirm that the apple went from me to you."
  • Bitcoin Series 15 - The discontinuity that is bitcoin - Ledra Capital - "Bitcoin is like that. It won't replace the financial system, the Fed or the nation-state. It will supplement the financial system in a big and important way, push it to be more innovative and efficient and, finally, will merge with it, in the same way that IP delivery has crept into telephony and video infrastructure over time."
  • German Central Bank Official Issues Another Bitcoin Warning - CoinDesk - "He stressed that regulators and central bankers across Europe are discussing bitcoin and trying to raise public awareness, but so far no concrete action has been taken, apart from public warnings."
  • Bitcoin me: How to make your own digital currency - Guardian - "It turns out, though, that cloning bitcoin is actually harder than it looks."
  • Bezos-backed money transfer startup Remitly lands $5.5M - GeekWire - "A TechStars Seattle grad formerly known as BeamIt Mobile, Remitly has created a cheaper and faster method for individuals to send money across borders."
  • 8 Retail Predictions in “Store” for 2014 - VeriFone Blog - "As it is the start of the year we thought we would have a look at some of the issues that will be impacting retail stores in 2014 and try and predict some of the trends and challenges we’ll see along the way as retailers respond."

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Note: Headline News is compiled by Glenbrook Partners. Throughout the day, as we spot interesting developments, this post is updated. Do you have news to share? Tell us here:!

December 12, 2013

Headline News from - December 12, 2013

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  • Coinbase - Chris Dixon - "The press tends to portray Bitcoin as either a speculative bubble or a scheme for supporting criminal activity. In Silicon Valley, by contrast, Bitcoin is generally viewed as a profound technological breakthrough."
  • Fidelity now allows clients to put bitcoins in IRAs - MarketWatch - "Fidelity has partnered with SecondMarket’s Bitcoin Investment Trust to allow its clients to save for their retirement by putting the virtual currency in self-directed IRAs."
  • Mobile Payments Specialist Loop Raises $10 Million in Series A - NetBanker - "But the company's technology breakthrough: the ability to project a short-term magnetic field that impersonates the action of swiping a mag stripe through a card reader, appears likely to deliver on the contactless promise of NFC without the hardware adoption headaches of NFC."
  • The Future of SWIFT: a meeting with Gottfried Leibbrandt - Financial Services Club Blog - "In a stimulating but short presentation, he began by discussing the key elements of change in the SWIFT model, one of which is the ability to pretty much process anything for virtually nothing."
  • EAC partners adopt seamless pay system - The East African - "Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda central banks have interconnected their payment systems offering traders and bank customers an alternative method of sending and receiving money."
  • Bitcoin Law: Compliance and Avoidance Strategies - CoinDesk - "In this multi-part series, I will give a basic primer on the state of US law as it applies to digital currency entrepreneurs."
  • Bitcoin Foundation Officially Launches International Chapters - CoinDesk - "The Bitcoin Foundation has officially rolled out its internationalization programme, signing national affiliates in Canada and Australia..."

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Note: Headline News is compiled by Glenbrook Partners. Throughout the day, as we spot interesting developments, this post is updated. Do you have news to share? Tell us here:!

November 14, 2012

Glenbrook Goes Global!

GP Logo Horizontal 140px

Glenbrook is pleased to announce availability of a new private payments workshop on Global Payments.

Focused particularly on cross-border payments, the course is designed to help payments professionals understand this rapidly changing, and highly lucrative, sector of the industry. The Global Payments course is an addition to Glenbrook's extensive list of available private workshops.

Glenbrook's Global Payments course is available as a one-day or two-day session, and can be conducted in person at your premises and/or via a private webinar to reach your global staff groups. The agenda includes:

  • Overview: Key Concepts, Regulation, Foreign Exchange
  • Country Payments Systems - Commonalities and Differences, Key Country Focus
  • Cross-Border Payments: Wires, ACH, Cards, Money Transfer Systems
  • Cross-Border Use Cases - Supplier Payments (B2B), Cross-Border eCommerce, Global Payouts (B2C and G2C), International Remittances

Private workshop clients can choose particular countries they are interested in for the "Key Country Focus" section, as well the particular use cases they want to concentrate on.

Interested? Please take our global payments survey to give us your general feedback. And contact Glenbrook's Elizabeth McQuerry to discuss scheduling a Global Payments workshop for your company.

January 09, 2012

October 19, 2011

June 27, 2011

S1 Corporation and Fundtech Announce Merger Agreement

S1 fundtechS1 and Fundtech have announced a definitive agreement to combine businesses through a stock-for-stock merger, creating an industry leader in transaction banking solutions. Fundtech operates the world's largest SWIFT service bureau. The combined company will be headquartered at S1's headquarters in Atlanta and will be called Fundtech.

May 18, 2011

February 16, 2011

May 20, 2009

JP Morgan Introduces ISO 20022 Payment, Reporting Capabilities

J.P. Morgan’s Treasury Services business has announced it is offering ISO 20022 payment initiation and reporting capabilities. ISO 20022 is the core message standard for SEPA and represents the next generation of SWIFT message formatting. J.P. Morgan says it is one of the first to adopt this new messaging standard format that allows clients to integrate core treasury, payable and receivable applications with banking and other financial partners. READ MORE »

May 13, 2008

SWIFT Annual Report Available

SWIFT's 2007 Annual Report is available for download icon_PDF_small.gif.

"SWIFT is a community-inspired co-operative, founded by and for the financial services industry. We work globally with more than 8,300 organisations including banks, market infrastructures, securities institutions, corporations, network providers, business partners and technology companies to ensure the financial world can carry out its business operations with certainty."

[Hat tip: Chris Skinner]

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