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Social Payments

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July 28, 2011

May 26, 2011

May 12, 2011

PayDivvy Launches Social Bill Payment Solution for Individuals and Groups

Paydivvy logo 140pxPayDivvy has announced a free online bill pay and group payment offering. "The Web-based service eliminates the fragmentation that exists in bill pay today by allowing users to view and pay bills from a single place. PayDivvy is the only service that automatically divides bills among roommates, friends and family and then pays those bills automatically."

February 03, 2011

September 30, 2010

Taggo Empowers Sellers to Recognize Fans at the Point of Sale

taggo_logo_140px.pngTaggo has soft launched a new system in Singapore that empowers sellers to identify and reward fans of Facebook Pages in the physical world at the point of sale. This allows sellers to launch Facebook promotions which can be executed immediately at a physical venue.

Here's how it works. Sellers add the Taggo app to their Facebook Pages, which allows fans to enter their preferred tap and go RFID card number. Facebook users in Singapore can then choose their existing transit payment card to be their preferred Taggo device. In a retail setting, Taggo’s fan recognition service is built into the sellers POS system or counter top PC.

June 03, 2010

MasterCard MoneySend Now Available for iPhone and iPad Users

MasterCardMasterCard has announced the availability of the MasterCard MoneySend service for iPhone and iPad users - providing a new way to transfer money in the United States from person-to person from iPhone or iPad's. MasterCard MoneySend is now available for free download at the iPhone App Store. READ MORE »

June 02, 2010

Disney and Facebook - Social Payments in Action!

Glenbrook's Carol Coye Benson writes: "Don't miss the story in the NYT this morning on Disney and Facebook - a really great example of "social" payments - one person buying something and inviting friends to buy the same." Read the full story: Disney Puts Tickets on a Facebook Site. Here's the Facebook page: - Disney Tickets Together.

May 10, 2010

TrialPay Finds that Mother's Day Was Payday for Social Game Publishers

TrialPay_logo-140px.pngBased on results of a study that tracks Mother's Day campaigns conducted by social games on the Facebook Platform, TrialPay reports that Mother's Day generated a 5x boost in social games revenues, driving $1 million per day for publishers with 40% of purchasers being first-time buyers.

"According to TrialPay's research, in the week leading up to Mother's Day, about $1 million per day was generated by "gifts for mom" promotions that paired offers from online flower merchants and others with free in-game virtual goods and currency. TrialPay estimates that these promotions drove a 5x increase in social game revenues over normal daily revenue, and found that about 40% of purchasers were first-time buyers in these games. In addition to adding new buyers, the holiday also helped game publishers more than double their visitor conversion rates - meaning that twice as many players as usual made a purchase during the period."

To download the full research report (registration required), visit READ MORE »

May 03, 2010

Reminder: Social Payments - Wednesday, May 5 - 10:30 AM Pacific

GP Logo Vertical-140px.jpgGlenbrook's next Payments Essentials webinar is this Wednesday from 10:30 - 11:30 AM Pacific. The topic for this session is Social Payments - with Russ Jones and Erin McCune sharing the presentation that was such a big hit at NACHA's Payments 2010 conference last week. Scott Loftesness will be moderating this session. Registration ($149) details are here.

April 28, 2010

Next Up at Glenbrook: Social Payments Webinar, Wednesday, May 5

GP Logo Horizontal-200px.pngHere's what's coming up soon at Glenbrook:

Next Wednesday - Glenbrook Payments Essentials Webinar:
Social Payments - A Scenario Analysis - a one hour webinar next Wednesday, May 5th at 10:30 AM Pacific - fee $149.

See NetBanker Jim Bruene's praise for Glenbrook's presentation on Social Payments by Russ Jones and Erin McCune earlier this week at NACHA's Payments 2010 conference in Seattle. We'll be reprising this presentation on next Wednesday's webinar. (Big thanks to Jim!)

Our next Payments Boot Camp is on May 19th and 20th in Santa Clara, CA - taught by Scott Loftesness and Carol Coye Benson. Enroll now for this public session - or contact us to discuss an on-site private Glenbrook payments workshop for your company. READ MORE »

April 23, 2010

A Look at Social Sharing of Payment Data - Including Blippy, Swipely

Blippy_logo-140px.pngIn an article titled "For Web’s New Wave, Sharing Details Is the Point", Brad Stone writes for the New York Times about the new way of social data sharing - what he calls helping people "indulge their urge to divulge" - and how new companies such as Blippy, Swipely and others are being built on that notion. He writes that Blippy, for example, "hopes to one day make money by, among other things, taking a commission when people are inspired to imitate their friends’ purchases posted on the site."

Separately, MG Siegler reports for TechCrunch on Blippy's recently closed $11.2 million round of funding led by August Capital. READ MORE »

April 12, 2010

CPNI Enables Mobile P2P Payments via Social Media IDs

Toronto-based CPNI has announced the latest release of its Phone Authorized Transfer™ solution set saying that it "now offers the capability to address relationships established by social media services, like Facebook and Twitter, via the user’s unique social media identifiers. Simply by entering the recipient’s phone number, email address or social networking ID, bank customers can conveniently send money from their account to another person’s bank account domestically or internationally, using a mobile phone, the web or an ATM." READ MORE »

April 04, 2010

Social Payments: A Model for Evaluating

In a post titled "Glenbrook’s Model for Social Payments (A Work in Progress)", Glenbrook's Russ Jones writes on about social payments - what they are and what they aren't!

Russ Jones - Glenbrook Partners
Russ writes:

I’ve concluded that for something to be a social payment, it’s got to be social. It’s got to involve multiple parties paying at once. Or multiple parties being paid at once. Or one party buying and another party paying. On and on."

Plan to join Russ and Glenbrook's Erin McCune for a session titled “Web 2.0 and the Emergence of Social Payments” at the upcoming NACHA Payments 2010 conference in Seattle. Glenbrook will also be exploring this topic in an upcoming webinar - Social Payments – Scenario Analysis - that will be held May 5th, 2010. Registration is now open.

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