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February 09, 2012

MasterCard Partners with Silver Tail Systems to Combat Online Fraud

MasterCard logo 140pxMasterCard Worldwide and Silver Tail Systems announced a new exclusive relationship that will focus on combating online fraud.
“Online fraud resulting from malware, viruses and criminal-controlled bots is a serious concern for both merchants and consumers,” says Johan Gerber, Group Head, Global Network Products for MasterCard Worldwide. “With the increased sophistication of these fraud attacks, merchants are finding it more difficult to distinguish between good customers and criminals. Our relationship with Silver Tail Systems allows us to extend beyond the traditional fraud detection methods and provide merchants with a strong defense against fraud, while improving the consumers’ online experience.”

May 26, 2009

RocketBux, nFinanSe Partner for Mobile Coupons

RocketBux has announced an agreement with nFinanSe to provide coupons and offers to nFinanSe cardholders’ mobile phones. According to the two companies, "the partnership will leverage RocketBux’ patent-pending technology to deliver scannable bar code coupons to “opted-in” nFinanSe cardholders who simply swipe their card at a retailer’s POS." READ MORE »
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