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April 24, 2012

November 02, 2011

June 08, 2011

March 22, 2011

March 01, 2011

January 10, 2011

December 14, 2010

IP Commerce and PlaySpan To Work On Global Payment Solutions

ip_commerce_logo_140px.pngIP Commerce and PlaySpan have announced a partnership between the two companies to "facilitate the delivery of PlaySpan’s monetization solutions to social and digital content developers through IP Commerce’s Managed Services Platform."

November 11, 2010

PlaySpan Launches In-App Mobile Payments for Android

playspan_logo_140px.pngPlaySpan has announced the launch of UltimatePay Mobile, a "virtual currency and micropayments monetization widget for leading smartphone platforms." The initial private beta launch will support HTML5, and is designed to work on all Android* smartphones, as well as Nokia phones with WebRuntime installed.

November 02, 2010

October 01, 2010

PlaySpan Introduces Monetization-as-a-Service

playspan_logo_140px.png PlaySpan has announced Monetization-as-a-Service (MaaS), a new seven-layer approach to providing a complete monetization platform. PlaySpan’s MaaS combines a global payment gateway with 85+ payment options; micropayments, subscription, and eCommerce capabilities; an analytics dashboard; and fraud management tools –– all in a PCI and SAS-70 compliant hosted service. GamesBeat has the details.

July 21, 2010

PlaySpan and VGMarket Publish Comprehensive Report on Digital Goods Spending

playspan_logo_140px.pngPlaySpan has announced their 2010 VGMarket study on virtual goods spending, which contains some new information on both first and third-party purchases. According to the company, the main takeaway from the report is that social networking games are driving digital goods growth and women 25 and older spend a disproportionate amount on digital goods than their male counterparts. READ MORE »

January 15, 2010

THQ*ICE Selects PlaySpan to Provide Global Payment Solution

THQ*ICE has announced a new partnership with PlaySpan, a provider of monetization solutions for online games, virtual worlds, and social networks. According to the two companies, "Dragonica™ Online adventurers are now able to purchase ICE Cash using PlaySpan’s more than 85 global payment methods. In addition, PlaySpan is providing comprehensive credit card processing and fraud risk management services." READ MORE »

May 28, 2009

PayByCash Introduces PayByCash Code Option

PayByCash, a subsidiary of PlaySpan, has announced the availability of the PayByCash Code, a pre-paid product for consumers in 180 countries that provides a streamlined way to make Internet purchases. According to the company, "using a PayByCash Code is similar to using a credit-card but without the activation hassles that make store-purchased prepaid cards challenging for many consumer demographics." READ MORE »

April 21, 2009

PlaySpan Acquires Spare Change

PlaySpan has announced an agreement to acquire Spare Change - calling it "the first and largest micropayments solution on social networks whose platform enables buyers and sellers to transact safely, easily and inexpensively." READ MORE »

November 25, 2008

PlaySpan Announces $16.8 Million in Series B Funding

PlaySpan, a provider of digital goods micro-transaction and payment solutions, has announced $16.8M in Series B investment from Easton Capital Group, Menlo Ventures, Novel TMT Ventures, STIC and other undisclosed investors. This new capital brings the company's total funding to $24M. The new funding will be used to expand into Europe and Asia and to grow PlaySpan's global publisher and user-base. READ MORE »
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