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May 10, 2007

Solving the Micropayment Problem, Online and at the Point of Sale

Mercator Advisory Group has announced its latest report, Solving the Micropayment Problem, Online and at the Point of Sale, that reviews "both the history and challenges of electronic micropayments and examines how the existing rails have evolved to address under $5 electronic payments at both the point of sale and for online transactions."


April 16, 2007

Chockstone Acquires Peppercoin

Chockstone has announced that it has acquired Peppercoin, a provider of card-based merchant loyalty programs and related consulting and analytical services. Peppercoin’s PCI-compliant services are used by leading restaurant brands to tie customer loyalty programs to credit and debit cards at the point of sale. Both companies are privately held, and financial terms of the Peppercoin transaction were not disclosed.


January 16, 2007

City of Detroit Enables Card Acceptance At Multispace Meters

Duncan Solutions and Peppercoin have announced that the City of Detroit is "among the first wave of cities to let drivers pay for on-street parking with their credit or debit cards instead of searching for loose change. Detroit recently replaced old, traditional parking meters with 175 new multispace meters, covering nearly 1,225 parking spots. This is one of the largest deployments of parking paystations that accept credit cards in the United States."


December 09, 2006

New Niches For Payments Processors

Investors Business Daily reports on how payments transaction processors are moving into new niches for growth - including Heartland, Global Payments, and TSYS.

November 28, 2006

2006 Small Card Payments Market Survey

More than 67 million Americans have used a credit or debit card for a purchase of less than $5 in the past 30 days according to the fourth annual comprehensive, quantitative survey on the small payments market released today at the 2006 Micro and Small Payments Conference in New York City.


Heartland Payment Systems Partners With Peppercoin

Peppercoin has announced a strategic alliance with Heartland Payment Systems, Inc. that "extends Peppercoin's reach in the merchant community and makes its solutions available to the more than 130,000 businesses that rely on Heartland for payment processing."


October 23, 2006

Peppercoin Adds New Loyalty Platform Merchants

Peppercoin has announced that several additional merchants have selected its credit and debit card-based loyalty platform.


October 18, 2006

Peppercoin To Provide Garden Fresh Restaurant Loyalty Program

Peppercoin has announced that Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp. will use its Small Payment Suite and consulting services to enhance its customer loyalty program in its 98 Sweet Tomatoes and Souplantation restaurants. Peppercoins rewards solution uses the payment cards already in consumers' wallets to increase consumer loyalty and retention.


October 05, 2006

4th Annual Micro and Small Payments Conference

Peppercoin has announced that the 4th Annual Micro and Small Payments Conference will be held November 28 at New York City's Marriott Financial Center. The conference's theme is "Transforming Transactions" and growing the small payments markets. Niki Manby, senior vice president of product innovation at Visa USA, and Robert Carr, chairman and CEO of Heartland Payment Systems, will keynote.


September 11, 2006

Duncan Solutions, Peppercoin Form Strategic Partnership

Duncan Solutions and Peppercoin have announced a strategic partnership to "offer innovative, integrated solutions that grow parking revenues by increasing the profitability of credit and debit card transactions and deliver greater conveniences to motorists." The companies, who already work together in a number of cities, including Las Vegas and Oklahoma City, are enhancing their relationship with additional technology integration and coordinated sales efforts.


July 19, 2006

Consumers Willing to Use Contactless Payments for Inexpensive Items

A new survey, conducted by Ipsos Insight and Peppercoin, explores the willingness of Americans to use contactless payments to pay for inexpensive items.
More than 50 percent of respondents, which translates into more than 100 million Americans, would use contactless cards to buy gasoline, items from fast food restaurants or corporate cafeterias, or groceries. More than 40 percent would use contactless cards to pay for convenience store items and transit fares (subway and bus fares and tolls). Almost 40 percent would use contactless cards to buy coffee or pay for parking, and 30 percent (60 million Americans) would use contactless cards for video games or at a vending machine or kiosk.
Survey results also showed a strong alignment between contactless payments, young consumers, and high-income consumers.

July 13, 2006

Webinar: Hot Topics in Small Payments

Executives from Chase, Peppercoin, TYS, and Visa plan to hold a Small Payments Webinar on July 19th. Moderated by Jeff Green of Card & Payments Magazine, the session will cover contactless payments, card acceptance in the everyday spending market, and emerging loyalty requirements. Jeff Gordan, an Arby's Roast Beef franchise operator, will provide the merchant perspective. Peppercoin will also be unveiling new Ipsos-Insight data on the growth and obstacles facing the contactless payments adoption, as well as which markets have the greatest potential.

June 27, 2006

June 26, 2006

A Look At Peppercoin

Glenbrook's Russ Jones has been following Peppercoin since 2002, monitoring the company’s progress and the evolution of its strategy. Russ has just published a new research brief titled "Peppercoin in the Payments Industry - The Emerging Small Payments Market". In this new research brief Russ looks at Peppercoin’s current capabilities, activities with merchants, and value proposition along with what he likes about Peppercoin, some concerns, and other observations. You can request a copy of the research brief from Russ over on the Glenbrook web site.

June 12, 2006

Peppercoin's Small Payments Loyalty Platform

Peppercoin has announced a loyalty program for small payments both online and at the physical point-of-sale. Peppercoin says its new program is "the first to allow merchants to attract and retain customers buying small dollar-value items and services -- such as a cup of coffee or a music file download -- without requiring a separate pre-enrollment process or additional card."


March 22, 2006

Peppercoin Demonstrates Contactless Transit Payments

Peppercoin has announced the demonstration of a prototype of a first-of-its-kind contactless mass transit fare collection system that enables consumers to use their existing credit or debit card as their transit pass for the first time.


January 26, 2006

Reminder: Digital Commerce Summit

Digital Media Wire is hosting a 1-day executive forum for companies addressing the digital entertainment space on Tuesday, January 31 in New York City.


January 12, 2006

Peppercoin Adds Advisors

PeppercoinPeppercoin has announced the addition of five new advisors to its newly established Advisory Board.

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December 29, 2005

2006 For Micropayments?

Forbes' Seth Lubove examines the opportunities for micropayments in 2006 including mentions of BitPass and Peppercoin.

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December 06, 2005

MasterCard Supports Micro and Small Payments Via Aggregation Model

MasterCardMasterCard and Peppercoin have announced signing a Letter of Intent towards forming an alliance to accelerate card usage for small payments at the physical point of sale and online.


Survey: 45 Million Americans Would Use Their Credit or Debit Cards for Purchases of Less Than Five Dollars

PeppercoinIpsos Insight and Peppercoin have announced the results of a recent survey that found consumers' desire to use credit and debit cards for small payments and micropayments at the point of sale and online is on the rise. An estimated 45 million Americans are willing to use credit or debit cards for purchases of $5 or less, up 23 percent from September 2004.


November 02, 2005

Peppercoin Announces $10 Million Second Round Financing

Peppercoin has announced the completion of a $10 million second institutional round of funding with an additional $2 million investment from Total Technology Ventures. PeppercoinThe round was led by venture capital firm Wall Street Technology Partners and includes previous investor Pod Holding and a large, Boston-based institutional investment adviser and several private individuals.


August 17, 2005

Peppercoin Secures $8 Million in Venture Funding

Peppercoin has announced that it has secured $8 million in additional funding from venture capital firm Wall Street Technology Partners and previous investor Pod Holding. Peppercoin also announced that Mark Friedman has been named president and chief executive officer.


April 04, 2005

Ingenico Selects Peppercoin as Small Payment System Partner

Peppercoin and Ingenico have announced a partnership to offer Peppercoin's Small Transaction Suite to merchants.


February 22, 2005

SunTrust Merchant Services Signs Up With Peppercoin

Peppercoin has announced an agreement with SunTrust Merchant Services to offer Peppercoin's small paymnet processing system to its merchants.


February 14, 2005

Mashbox Selects Peppercoin

Peppercoin has announced that it has been selected by Mashbox to enable the sale of low-priced music profitably.


February 02, 2005

Peppercoin Announces 3.0 Version of Small Transaction Suite

Peppercoin this morning announced version 3.0 of its Small Transaction Suite, designed to allow merchants to more cost effectively accept small payments.


January 10, 2005

Peppercoin and Chase Merchant Services Form Alliance

Peppercoin and Chase Merchant Services have announced entering into a referral agreement.


December 03, 2004

New Peppercoin President

Peppercoin has announced Mark Friedman as President. Friedman had been VP of sales and Market Development. Robert Kiburz will remain with the company as Chairman of the Board.

October 05, 2004

Peppercoin Powers Parking Meters

The Boston Business Journal reports that Peppercoin is partnering with Reino Parking Systems to support credit card transactions at Reino's Multispace parking meters.

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