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May 26, 2015

Headline News from - May 26, 2015

On the Web:

  • One out of four accounts ‘dormant’ as mobile money takes over banking - The East African - "Nearly one out of every four bank accounts in East Africa remains inactive as consumers trade traditional banking for the convenience of mobile money services, the findings of two separate studies show."
  • NFC Mobile Payments: An Industry Snapshot - Mobey Forum - "In this paper, Mobey Forum has attempted to produce a one-stop-guide to assist our banking industry colleagues to better understand and compare the various payment options currently available. No solution has emerged from this analysis as a clear winner, indeed it may be that in some cases more than one payment option is a suitable ‘fit’."
  • Nasdaq to step up blockchain trials - - "Clearing houses are a wonderful invention, but if you have a public ledger that is trusted, you can evolve back to a bilateral (trading) world but proceed with instantaneous settlement.”
  • Announcing Xapo's Advisory Board - Xapo Blog - "Today Xapo is proud to announce the formation of its advisory board with three visionary leaders, Dee Hock, John Reed and Lawrence H. Summers."
  • MIT aims to give bitcoin research, development a stable home - Boston Globe - "A fledgling project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab is offering researchers and software developers a quiet home to work on bitcoin’s core technology, a computer science breakthrough that lets people trade money securely without paying a middleman."
  • Indonesians Start to Embrace Bitcoin - Wall St. Journal - “Many people think that Bitcoin is unheard of in Indonesia, but the fact is its popularity is soaring now,” said Oscar Darmawan, CEO of PT Bit Coin Indonesia, which owns bitcoin exchange site
  • EBA Chairman: Banks Must Understand Blockchain Tech - CoinDesk - "Brennan's statement follows the publication of the EBA's Crypto technologies, a major IT innovation and catalyst for change report, which highlighted the blockchain's potential to improve banking, reduce costs and improve product offerings."as
  • Payment Processor Payza's Bitcoin Transactions Rise 20% Per Month - CoinDesk - "Payza, which serves 100,000 online merchants, also noted payments in the digital currency represent approximately 10% of its monthly withdrawal and deposit volume."
  • Docomo Seeks to Make Passwords Unnecessary - Wireless Week - "The carrier expects to become the world's first mobile operator to integrate online services with smartphones capable of FIDO-enabled multiple biometric authentication."
  • IRS system mined for over 100,000 taxpayer records by fraudsters - Ars Technica - "After the IRS disclosed more information, it became clear the user data was not obtained because of a direct hack of government systems. Rather, weak authentication used by the IRS to protect access to taxpayer data is likely at fault."

On the Wires:

  • Nordstrom and TD Bank Group Announce Strategic Credit Card Relationship - "Nordstrom and TD Bank Group (TD) announced today an agreement under which TD will acquire Nordstrom's existing U.S. Visa and private label consumer credit card portfolio, which currently totals approximately $2.2 billion in receivables. In addition, the two companies have entered into a separate long-term agreement under which TD will become the exclusive U.S. issuer of Nordstrom-branded Visa and private label consumer credit cards to Nordstrom customers."
  • Mitek to Acquire IDchecker, a Global Identity Verification Solutions Provider - "The acquisition of IDchecker demonstrates our commitment to delivering solutions that optimize the mobile channel for safe and secure customer acquisition," said James B. DeBello, president & CEO, Mitek. "By expanding our product portfolio, we will transform Mitek into a global provider of mobile capture and identity solutions in the multi-factor authentication market which is projected by the global market research firm MarketsandMarkets to be worth $10.75 billion by 2020."
  • Worldpay extends global payment acceptance capabilities to India - Ramesh Ganesan, Head of Transaction Banking at IndusInd Bank said: “We are delighted to offer eCommerce acquiring services in India in association with Worldpay. We are confident that the association will help both organisations to contribute to the growth of the ever growing Indian eCommerce industry. This partnership will allow each company to benefit from the other’s respective expertise in domestic and international payments thereby helping in promoting online payment services in India.”
  • TSYS and PAX Technology, Inc. Launch Semi-Integrated EMV Solution - “Making the switch to accept EMV transactions can be a confusing and daunting process, which is why it is important to us to offer our clients a simplified approach,” said Craig Ludwig, head of product for TSYS’ Merchant Services segment. “Our all-in-one solution developed with PAX not only reduces costs and time required for EMV certification, but also provides advanced security features to guard against credit card fraud.”
  • Digital River Names Hayden Reed Senior Vice President and General Manager for Digital River World Payments - "He joins Digital River from MasterCard Worldwide, where he served for ten years, most recently as the senior vice president and group head of emerging payments product for credential management. Prior to MasterCard Worldwide, he served in leadership positions with companies such as First Data Corporation; Electronic Commerce Payments, Inc.; CheckFree Corporation, which is now part of Fiserv, Inc.; Banc One Corporation, which was acquired by JPMorgan Chase & Co.; and Ernst & Young LLP."
  • InstaMed Releases 2014 Trends in Healthcare Payments Annual Report - “The InstaMed Network has processed hundreds-of-billions of dollars in healthcare payments to date, which gives us a unique perspective on healthcare payment trends, including the growth in consumer payment responsibility," said Bill Marvin, President and CEO of InstaMed. "With the release of this annual report, we are leveraging our unique vantage point to educate the industry and promote awareness, change and greater efficiency in healthcare payments.”
  • Staples Celebrates Million Dollar Milestone for Staples Business Loans -"Staples teamed up with Lendio, an innovative financial technology firm and the leading small business-lending marketplace, to deliver a suite of funding options that help solve these challenges."

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August 19, 2014

Headline News from - August 19, 2014

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Note: Headline News is compiled by Glenbrook Partners. Throughout the day, as we spot interesting developments, this post is updated. Do you have news to share? Tell us here:!
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