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December 21, 2009

American Express OPEN Launches AcceptPay

American Express OPEN has announced the launch of AcceptPay - calling it "an online invoicing and payment solution that can help business owners improve cash flow at a time when customers are taking a longer time to pay." In a press release, Amex said it partnered with PaySimple to design AcceptPay, working with business owners to create product features and integrated feedback from product test groups. READ MORE »

May 05, 2008

PaySimple Introduces Small Business Payment Processing Center

PaySimple has announced the availability of PaySimple 2.0 that the company says 'helps small businesses bridge the technology gap, and to grow with the efficiency and cost-savings that large companies have, but with the customization and personal touch that small companies need.' With PaySimple Solution 2.0's Payment Processing Center, users have the ability to electronically collect payments via eCheck/ACH or credit card as well as pay their vendors via those channels from one system. READ MORE »

March 24, 2008

PaySimple Launches Blog on Electronic Payment Technology

Denver-based PaySimple has announced a new blog where it says 'small business owners looking for ways to streamline their billings and collections process, find news about electronic payment industry trends, get insights on marketing and teambuilding in a small company, or simply looking for a place to connect with other small business owners.'

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