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February 07, 2009

Payments News Now Has a Comments Feed

PN-350x350-v1.jpgAs our Payments News community of readers has continued to grow, the frequency of readers posting comments to the stories on PN has grown significantly. We're now getting multiple posts each business day - and want to make it easier for you to follow along and read them.

To that end, we've just launched a new comments RSS feed that publishes just the comments that are posted to the new stories on PN. You can add the comments RSS feed to your favorite RSS reader and follow along. And, we'd like to encourage you to add your comments into the flow - as the value of this community to each of us will grow exponentially if we share among ourselves.

The main Payments News RSS feed remains in place - providing just the stories, not the comments. As always, if you have comments or suggestions about PN, we're all ears. Send them to us via email by clicking on the Feedback link in the title bar on any page of PN.

April 04, 2008

Tip: News View Finds Payments News Stories by Topic

Regular readers of Payments News are familiar with the News View pull down over in the right sidebar of every page. Newcomers might not be - so here's a brief explanation.

Every story on Payments News is categorized by topic using a tag. Using the News View pull down menu, you can read individual category pages on specific topics. For example, if you want to read only those stores on Payments News concerning Mobile Payments, you'd pull down the News View menu and select Mobile Payments - and you'd be taken to this page with all of the Mobile Payments stories with the most recent story at the top.

That's it - now you know how to quickly and easily find related stories by subject on Payments News - using News View! Here's a complete list of the current categories on Payments News.

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