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February 23, 2010

Mobile Payment Service GoPayforit Is Now ImpulsePay in the UK

Payforit, he UK mobile payment service that provides a simple way for content owners to generate revenue by directly billing users mobile phones, has changed its name to ImpulsePay. According to the company, "the change marks a new stage for the company after the recent success of its service, based on Payforit, that offers an alternative to credit card and Premium SMS payments." READ MORE »

November 17, 2009

GoPayforit Launches Mobile, Small Payments Service in the UK

GoPayforit_logo-140px.jpgGoPayforit has announced that it has launched its new mobile, small payments service to enable bloggers and content owners to more easily sell content online. The company says that "by using GoPayforit, lower priced content can now be purchased by consumers in an easier, more manageable and less time-consuming way. GoPayforit allows bloggers and content owners to set up a payment service for their site by inserting one simple line of code. Once established, this enables consumers to debit money directly from their mobile phone bill (PAYG or contract) in order to make payments. UK mobile operators provide support for GoPayforit as a secure transaction platform as it is based on the tried and tested Payforit platform." READ MORE »
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