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Pay By Touch

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April 27, 2008

A Look Back at Pay By Touch

The Sunday Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune has an article titled "Pay by Touch's backers claim fingers burned" by reporter Matt McKinney that takes a look back at Pay By Touch. On March 19, 2008, Pay By Touch shuttered its biometric-based payment service.

March 20, 2008

A Look Back at Biometric-based Payments

The archive of Pay By Touch-related stories here on Payments News begins over four years ago. It's interesting to scroll back (read from the bottom up) and look at the various partnerships, financings, trials, etc. that Pay By Touch announced along the way prior to shuttering its biometrics payment service at 11:59 PM last night.


March 19, 2008

Pay By Touch To Shut Down All Biometric Services Immediately

We've received the following announcement from Pay By Touch: "Solidus Networks, Inc., dba Pay By Touch, regretfully announced today that it will no longer process biometric transactions on behalf of its merchant customers and consumer membership base, as 11:59:59pm March 19, 2008."


January 09, 2008

Solidus Networks (Pay By Touch) Announces New Board of Directors

Solidus Networks Inc., doing business as Pay By Touch, has announced a new Board of Directors: Art Petrie, Chairman; Eula Adams, John Morris, John Rogers, and Robert Sigler. According to the company, "the new Board is overseeing the structuring of a new executive team. Tom Lumsden serves as Chief Restructuring Officer, directing activities at Solidus Networks. Eula Adams continues as COO, Robert Sigler continues as CFO, and John Rogers, founder of the Company, now functions in a non-employee director role only."


December 06, 2007

Battles and Bids Over Pay by Touch

Arik Hesseldahl reports for Business Week that "VeriFone has quietly expressed interest in buying the assets of Pay By Touch, a biometrics company currently in Chapter 11, according to court filings obtained by"

August 26, 2007

A Look at Loyalty Programs

Nicole Monroe Bell writes for the Charlotte Observer about loyalty cards going higher tech - delivering tailored coupons from kiosks to consumers as they enter stores.

June 22, 2007

Pay By Touch Biometric Check Cashing Service

West Texas National Bank has announced that it has adopted Pay By Touch's biometric check cashing service. Paycheck Secure powered by Pay By Touch lets consumers use a finger scan to quickly and securely identify themselves to cash a government or payroll check.


April 25, 2007

A Gift Card Mall in a Kiosk

Pay By Touch has announced the availability of a new Reward and Gift Card Kiosk that "enables retail customers to design, print and purchase personalized gift cards, and obtain loyalty program cards, without merchant personnel assistance."


March 14, 2007

Pay By Touch Commissions Saatchi & Saatchi Lovemark

Pay By Touch has announced that it has formed a partnership with Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide to provide Pay By Touch with strategic and creative counsel to build a global Lovemark.


January 25, 2007

StoreNext and Pay By Touch Team On Independent Grocers

StoreNext Retail Technologies and Pay By Touch have announced an agreement under which the two companies will market and distribute Pay By Touch’s biometric authentication and payment service to independent grocers. The companies says that their joint solution "minimizes grocers’ transaction costs while allowing shoppers to pay for purchases with the simple touch of a finger."


January 23, 2007

Biometric Payments and Rewards: A Case Study

Aite Group has announced a new report, Biometric Payments and Rewards: A Case Study, that provides an "in-depth review of the deployment of Pay By Touch technology at a grocery store named Green Hills." According to the report, "nine months after the introduction of Pay By Touch's SmartShop loyalty and payment solution, 25% of Green Hills' sales are made via biometric payments, and 28% of those are processed over the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network."


December 29, 2006

Investors Feel Good About Pay By Touch

Becky Yerak reports for the Chicago Tribune on Pay By Touch, saying that the company "continues to attract financing and beef up its management ranks, recently adding a former Home Depot Inc. and Sears, Roebuck and Co. executive to its payroll." Yerak interviewed Pay By Touch President John Morris who said "this is one of the rare times where you can deliver identity theft prevention for the shopper, better security in terms of fraud for the retailer and increased convenience."

December 07, 2006

Pay By Touch Acquires S&H Solutions

Pay By Touch has announced that it has acquired S&H Solutions (S&H) and its parent company S&H greenpoints for a purchase price that was "in excess of $100 million in cash and stock." Pay By Touch sais the acquisition was "in keeping with its corporate strategy to acquire companies that complement its portfolio and provide
future growth opportunities."


November 13, 2006

Pay By Touch Launches Biometric Check Cashing Service for FIs

Pay By Touch has announced that its Paycheck Secure service is now being offered to financial
institutions. Paycheck Secure is a biometric check-cashing service that can help banks and credit unions generate additional non-interest fee-based income while decreasing the risk of fraud and meeting regulatory compliance requirements.


November 09, 2006

Citibank Singapore Teams With Pay By Touch

Pay By Touch has announced that Citibank Singapore has rolled out Pay By Touch's biometric payment services to its Citibank Clear Platinum cardholders. "Effective today, cardholders are invited to enroll in the biometric credit card service, and pay for goods and services with the touch of a finger."


October 25, 2006

Pay By Touch Signs Scott's Food & Pharmacy For Pilot

Pay By Touch has announced that Scott's Food & Pharmacy will be piloting finger-scan payment program at four of its stores in northeast Indiana.


October 09, 2006

TrueMe Online Biometric Authentication Service From Pay By Touch

Pay By Touch has announced the debut of TrueMe, what the company claims is "the first secure, on-demand biometric authentication service on the Internet."


September 30, 2006

Viewpoint: Paying (And Steering) Through The Finger

Philip Yam writes on the Scientific American blog about Pay by Touch - asking questions about whether fingerprints can be "spoofed", whether germs on the fingerprint reader might be a concern, and about privacy concerns. He concludes by discussing the economics of Pay by Touch's ACH-based payment system, noting that, according to a company rep he spoke with, "several Pay By Touch retailers have dropped credit transactions entirely for the cost savings."

September 10, 2006

One Touch Shopping

Paul Gores reports for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that consumers in the Milwaukee area are increasingly accepting of technology that uses fingerprints to buy groceries. "It's very well received," said Juanita Kocanda, Jewel-Osco's manager of public affairs. "We get positive feedback, especially from the people who write checks, because it comes right out of your checking account and you don't have to write a check."

August 10, 2006

Missouri Convenience Stores Introduce Finger Scan Payment Options

Pay By Touch has announced that 13 Mobile Gas Station Wallis Convenience Stores in Missouri are now capable of handling finger-scan payments. As an introductory offer, when customers sign up for the service at participating Mobil stores, they will receive a discount of 10 cents per gallon of gas purchased the first time they pay with their finger.


July 28, 2006

Pay By Touch Named to AlwaysOn AO100 List

Pay By Touch has announced that it has been named to the AlwaysOn AO100 List as one of the top privately-held companies. The AO100 List recognizes the 100 most innovative and successful private firms in the United States based on market potential, customer adoption and investor value.


July 14, 2006

PASS Consortium to Payment-Enable Microsoft Windows Vista

A new payments consortium called PASS (Payments As a Secure Service) announced its formation at the Microsoft Developers Conference. The consortium, which is led by IP Commerce, intends to exploit new features in Windows Vista, including the operating system's enhanced security and discovery features.
Currently, small businesses interface with credit card companies and financial services firms in the financial ecosystem through highly proprietary relationships based on one-to-one technology connections. PASS redefines this relationship by enabling Independent Software Vendors, System Integrators and Value-Added Resellers to create service-oriented financial management solutions in software applications fulfilled by best-in-class providers through a single service provisioning system.
Participants in PASS include BankServ, Chase Paymentech, PayPal, and Pay by Touch among others.

July 10, 2006

Pay By Touch Enhances Check Cashing Service

Pay By Touch has announced Paycheck Secure 8.0 that allows retailers to electronically deposit all checks at once with the touch of a button. Paycheck Secure 8.0 enhances existing technology that enables fingerprint authorization for customers cashing government or payroll checks.


June 26, 2006

Privacy vs. Convenience

San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer Jonathan Curiel reports on Pay By Touch's biometric-based payment system In an article titled 'The Last Days of Privacy - As technology makes life richer and easier, we leave a trail of information that is susceptible to prying eyes".

June 22, 2006

UK: Consumers Like Pay By Touch

Dave Friedlos reports from the UK on consumer reaction to pilots of Pay By Touch's biometric payment service where surveys report that 85 per cent of consumers said the technology is more convenient than chip-and-PIN and 75 per cent felt it is more secure. He also reports that there currently is "little enthusiasm among other major retailers for the system."

June 19, 2006

Coast to Coast Store Accepts Finger Scan Payments

Pay By Touch has announced that the Coast to Coast family convenience store in Tampa, Florida has begun using its Bio-Pay branded biometric payment service.


June 06, 2006

PIN-Debit Payment Option for Online Purchases

Pay By Touch has introduced what it says is "the industry's first software-only PIN-debit payment service, offered via its ATM Direct division."


June 05, 2006

Pathmark Stores Deploying Pay By Touch Service in Four Stores

Pay By Touch has announced plans to deploy its finger-touch payment service in Pathmark supermarkets. Exact locations for the initial deployment of Pay By Touch service are to be announced. Under the agreement, Pathmark plans to test the Pay By Touch service prior to a larger rollout.


Pay By Touch, ACCEL/Exchange EFT Network Introduce PIN Debit Payments Via the Internet

Pay By Touch has announced that the ACCEL/Exchange EFT Network will be the first EFT network to enable the company's Internet PIN debit transactions. ACCEL/Exchange EFT Network is owned and operated by Fiserv, Inc. through its Fiserv EFT business unit.


May 18, 2006

Fast Phil's To Offer Finger Scan Payments

Pay By Touch has announced that Fast Phil's, operator of 11 convenience stores in Spartanburg, Union and Chester counties in upstate South Carolina can now pay using a finger scan. Among the benefits of convenience of this form of payment, Pay By Touch is also highlighting that the consumer's payment information is protected from disclosure to even the store's employees.

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