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On-Line Strategies

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October 15, 2012

InComm Acquires On-Line Strategies

InComm logo 140pxInComm has announced its acquisition of On-Line Strategies, Inc. (OLS), a software and services company focused on processing complex, large-volume and high-speed consumer-driven transactions in mission-critical environments.
"The market has shown growing demand for a comprehensive, powerful, low-cost processing engine, and given recent consolidation in the industry, we see this as a perfect time to offer our products and services to a broader customer base," said Terry Richards , CEO, OLS. "InComm was an ideal partner, considering our overlapping customer base, its reputation as a retail solutions provider in the industry and its strong balance sheet. We are thrilled to become part of the InComm team and look forward to helping its customer base significantly reduce their total cost of ownership for the processing of consumer-driven transactions."

OLS will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary with its current management team in place, and is immediately available to provide InComm's customers and partners access to its advanced switch technology.

January 12, 2010

OLS Announces Availability of OLS.Card

On-Line Strategies has announced OLS.Card - calling it "a highly configurable framework for issuers to build upon. Card issuers can choose to implement the most basic of functionality or customize OLS.Card to support their unique business strategy. OLS.Card was conceived as a result of numerous customers and prospects seeking complimentary card management system components for use in conjunction with the company’s core authorization engine, OLS.Switch." READ MORE »

November 09, 2009

On-Line Strategies releases OLS.Switch for Rx Adjudication

On-Line Strategies has announced launching a pilot of its OLS.Switch platform to support Rx Adjudication switching on behalf of a Fortune 100 customer. According to the company, "the initiative was part of a large scale migration plan to decommission a costly legacy platform starting with all financial transactions, and now Rx transactions." READ MORE »

September 21, 2009

Transaction Times - Credit/Offline Debit vs Online PIN-based Debit

stopwatch_140px.jpgOver on his Payment Systems blog, Andy Orrock, COO at On-Line Strategies, shares some insights into transaction times for various payment card transaction times from a large merchant.

I found the time difference between credit and offline debit cards vs. online PIN-based debit cards to be interesting with PIN debit taking 1.6 times longer. Andy shares his explanation of the timing difference in the comments.

July 29, 2009

OLS.Switch Certifies with Electronic Check Acceptance Authorizer

OLS_logo-140px.jpgOn-Line Strategies has announced it has completed certification and production implementation of an Electronic Check Acceptance interface with a major authorizer as part a Fortune 100 client project. According to OLS, "OLS.Switch is a payment transaction processing engine, built using best-of-breed technologies to implement a unique new design supporting the latest industry standards, regulations, and best practices for payments and settlement processing." READ MORE »
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