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Offer-based Payments

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January 12, 2011

Targeted Deals and Cash Delivered to Online Banking Users by Micronotes via the Yodlee FinApp Store

micronotes_logo_140px.pngMicronotes has announced the release of KulaMula, one of "the first partner-developed applications for the Yodlee FinApp Store. Available for free, KulaMula connects leading brands with online banking consumers to deliver highly customized offers based on previous purchasing patterns and user input." KulaMula is positioned as a way for banks to generate non-interest revenue and build customer loyalty. A YouTube video explains how KulaMula works.

April 08, 2010

Offerpal Media Introduces New Direct Payment Options Worldwide

Offerpal Media has announced that it has integrated several new direct payment options into its platform in order to help social developers and online game publishers accept payments from users who do not have or are unwilling to use credit cards. The new payment options include pre-paid debit cards, phone cards, e-payment systems, parent-approved payments and more, from such partners as Zeus Research and STi Prepaid, paysafecard, MyCard, Rixty, BillMyParents, ClickandBuy and others—covering nearly 200 countries in all. READ MORE »

December 17, 2009

TrialPay - Doing Right by the Consumer: Going Beyond Compliance

TrialPay has published issued a new whitepaper titled, “Doing Right by the Consumer: Going Beyond Compliance.” The paper, which is based upon guidelines that TrialPay says it has adhered to since the company’s inception 2006, outlines "best practices for gaming developers, publishers, advertisers and offer companies to ensure consumer protections and long-term success of the industry at large." READ MORE »

Visa, FTC and BBB Partner to Educate Consumers about Online Scams

Visa joined the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau in a press conference today to "alert consumers to online deceptive marketing practices associated with free trials with a negative option feature. According to a Visa survey, 29 percent of American consumers have fallen victim to deceptive marketing when unscrupulous e-commerce merchants require them to cancel or opt-out of a recurring charge for future products or services." READ MORE »
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