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December 28, 2009

Moneta, Equifax Partner to Add Instant Credit Options

Moneta has announced an agreement with Equifax "to utilize the Equifax credit decisioning system for a new instant credit feature for Moneta’s online payment wallet. Merchants accepting Moneta payments may now offer a range of bank-sponsored funding options to their customers including checking, savings, money market and now instant transactional credit lines underwritten by the sponsoring bank." READ MORE »

November 03, 2009

SunTrust Selects Moneta for Secure Online Payment Option

SunTrust Banks and Moneta Corporation have announced that "SunTrust has selected Moneta’s online payment service to offer clients an additional payment option when they shop with select online retailers. The service is currently being provided free to select SunTrust clients as an initial pilot program." READ MORE »

November 24, 2008

UATP, Moneta Partner for Airline Payments

Universal Air Travel Program (UATP) has announced that it has partnered with Moneta to support Moneta's online payment wallet for the 250 airlines utilizing UATP payment gateway services. Moneta offers consumers, airline and merchants an alternative payment method which is distributed and marketed through the consumer's bank. Airlines using the UATP payment gateway connection can activate Moneta on their retail checkout site with no infrastructure investment and minimal configuration. READ MORE »

September 22, 2007

Moneta Acquires CheckFree's Retail Payments Product

Moneta has announced that it has acquired the Retail Payments (RPS) product formerly owned by CheckFree. "The RPS technology allows consumers to purchase goods and services by transferring money directly from their checking accounts to participating merchants. This simplified process eliminates a large portion of the fees merchants assume with traditional purchases made on credit cards and through other online payment providers. RPS has been a successful CheckFree service offering for more than two years."


September 18, 2007

Moneta Online Payment Service

Moneta, a new online financial services company, has announced a new alternative to current forms of online payment that enables consumers to "make online payments directly from their checking or money market accounts using only a secure four-digit PIN." The company says that "merchants pay fees up to 50 percent below those charged by credit card companies and other online payment options." On its web site, Moneta lists Aloha Airlines,,, and AirTran Airways as participating merchants.

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