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April 28, 2008

A Global View on Mobile Payments

In his article titled 'Mobiles begin calling the shots on banking and payments', Trevor Lloyd-Jones writes for Business Intelligence Middle East about mobile payments efforts in many countries around the world and interviews Mi-Pay's CTO Simon Cavil. 'The use of mobiles for banking and payments is transforming lives and economies, especially in the unbanked and rural areas of many countries without branches and other traditional banking channels, such as ATMs, fixed line telephones and the Internet.' Some fascinating reading! Dave Birch did a podcast interview with Simon Cavil a year ago.

June 10, 2005

UK: Voca Launches Digital Payments with Retail Decisions and Mi-Pay

Voca, the ACH processor for the UK formerly known as BACS, has announced the formation with Retail Decisions and Mi-Pay of a new joint venture company, Digital Payments.

Digital Payments will be a first - enabling retailers to manage consumer payments on digital sales channels including digital television, the internet and mobile phones. Consumers will be able to pay by Direct Debit across these channels for the first time in the same way as they use a credit card. By using Direct Debit consumers can organise direct withdrawals from their bank securely and with ease.
Ian Price has been appointed Managing Director of Digital Payments. Ian, 40, comes from BT Group where he was founding CEO of BT click&buy.

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