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May 15, 2007

Javelin Studies Product Marketing Requirements for Mobile Banking

Javelin Strategy & Research has announced new research that it says "uncovers significant product marketing requirements for building banks' consumer usage of mobile services. While consumers are better primed for mobile banking now than they were in 2000, financial institutions (FIs) should not consider the mere availability of mobile banking a guarantee of success. FIs should prepare for measured, rather than widespread and immediate, adoption, even though consumers, handsets and mobile networks have made tremendous advancements."


May 09, 2007

M-Payments & M-Banking - The Rise of Mobile Financial Services

The PELORUS Group has announced "M-Payments & M-Banking: The Rise of Mobile Financial Services" being held June 27 & 28, 2007 at Caesars Atlantic City. "Dedicated to defining the sweeping changes that will be triggered as mobile financial services take hold, the event will focus on why mobile payments and banking services will become entrenched so quickly, and what banks, retailers, credit card issuers and other vested concerns should be doing to prepare for - and indeed capitalize on - the phenomenon."


April 27, 2007

mFoundry, Sprint Launch Mobile Banking and Financial Services Application

mFoundry has announced an agreement with Sprint to bring mobile banking and financial services to Sprint customers with Vision or Power Vision phones, enabling them to check their bank balances, transfer funds between their accounts, make bill payments and more, with participating banks.


April 17, 2007

mFoundry Launches Spotlight Mobile Financial Platform

mFoundry has announced the formal release of its Spotlight Mobile Financial Platform - calling it "a “single click” financial services solution that serves the needs of financial institutions, wireless operators and their customers."


March 14, 2007

Netbanker Reports from the Mobile Payment Forum

Netbanker's Jim Bruene reports on his reactions to yesterday's public session at the Mobile Payment Forum's Spring Member Meeting being held in San Diego - saying that "despite being a payments forum, most of the talk centered around online banking (Firethorn, ClairMail, mFoundry, Sapphire), mobile advertising (Erico), and ecommerce (eBizMobility)."

January 08, 2007

mFoundry Mobile Banking Product For Banks

mFoundry has announced the release of its mobile banking product saying it "provides financial institutions with the most flexible and comprehensive mobile banking solution in the industry, effectively setting the stage for mainstream adoption of mobile banking solutions in the coming year."


December 13, 2006

Citibank's Approach To Mobile Banking

On his Online Banking Report blog, Jim Bruene writes about Citibanks' approach to what he calls "True Mobile Banking" - suggesting that the guy to talk to is Sausalito, CA-based mFoundry CEO/Founder Drew Sievers. Jim says he's preparing a mobile banking forecast for the next issue of his Online Banking Report.

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