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March 19, 2014

Headline News from - March 19, 2014

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March 11, 2014

Headline News from - March 11, 2014

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  • Starbucks CEO on mobile payments - Fox News - "Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz on the success and expansion of the company’s mobile payment platform."
  • Why I'm Joining PayPal - PayPal Forward Blog (Rakesh “Rocky” Agrawal) - "Part of my role at PayPal will be to help small businesses and entrepreneurs understand online commerce and payments."
  • A Deeper Look at Uber’s Dynamic Pricing Model - Above the Crowd (Bill Gurley) - "So why does Uber’s dynamic pricing even exist? The answer lies in understanding that Uber is fundamentally a marketplace, where supply is controlled not by the company but by the legion of independent contractors and transportation providers with whom they work."
  • Decentralizing Identity - Continuations (Albert Wenger) - "It is still early days for all of this, but the potential for these emerging decentralized identity systems is to further push power to the people and away from central authorities."
  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies: A Critical Insight - IBM Academy of Technology TechNotes - "Bitcoin allows you to transfer economic value to any individual, anywhere in the world, without the involvement or approval of a third party, at minimal cost. This architecture is unlike any payment sys-tem that has previously existed. We are now observing a proliferation of new entrants building on its insights."
  • Top 50 credit unions grow in the face of new regulations - SNL Financial - "After several years of growth, the nation's credit unions saw the first drop in aggregate net income since 2008."
  • McDonald’s Sweden takes mobile payments to the next level - Mobile Commerce Daily - "The technology is being powered by Seamless’ SEQR mobile wallet solution."
  • How Banks Should Respond to the New Players in Payments - Bank Systems & Technology - "Silicon Valley Bank has taken a different approach to new payments players, by using its unique position in the “cradle of innovation” to incubate payments startups in partnership with MasterCard, Reekita Grewal shared."
  • Millennials see banks as irrelevant | Scratch - "This turned out to be a longer post than I expected. The catalyst was the millennial belief in irrelevance of banks. This is not to be ignored or ignored at your banks peril."

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February 03, 2014

Headline News from - February 3, 2014

The second edition of our book "Payments Systems in the U.S." has just been published. It's available in print from and in an ebook version for your iPad.

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January 06, 2014

Georgia Department of Banking and Finance Finalizes Merchant Acquirer Limited Purpose Bank Rules

140px Flag of Georgia U S state svgLast month, the state of Georgia Department of Banking and Finance published new rules in response to earlier legislation - the Georgia Merchant Acquirer Limited Purpose Bank Act, O.C.G.A. § 7-9-1 et seq.

Under the new rules, "a corporation, organized solely under the laws of Georgia, that performs or seeks to perform merchant acquiring activities or settlement activities may apply to the Department for an MALPB (merchant acquirer limited purpose bank) charter."

The new rules became effective on December 23, 2013.

November 11, 2013

First Data Merchant Solutions Achieves UK Payment Institution Status

First data logo 140x60pxFirst Data Merchant Solutions, First Data’s direct-to-market payment acceptance business, has announced that it has become a UK Payment Institution after successfully achieving independent membership of the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as well as the MasterCard and Visa card schemes. As a UK Payment Institution, First Data Merchant Solutions says it is now able "to provide payment acceptance facilities independently and without sponsorship from a bank partner."

Raj Sond, General Manager of First Data Merchant Solutions, commented:

Achieving UK Payment Institution status is great news for First Data Merchant Solutions and its clients. Not only does it lay the groundwork for further expansion in the retail payments space, it gives us greater agility as a business to bring new products to market, leverage our extensive industry relationships and work with an even broader range of merchants in the region.”

First Data has also announced a new agreement with Diners Club International that will enable First Data Merchant Solutions clients to accept all cards on the Discover Global Network including Diners Club and Discover transactions. Discover Global Network is comprised of Discover Card, Diners Club International, BC Global Card, DinaCard and Rupay.

Established in the UK in 2002 the business was re-branded in 2011 to First Data Merchant Solutions, creating FDC's first ‘direct to market’ merchant acquiring business outside of North America.

October 30, 2013

Headline News from - October 30, 2013

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September 11, 2013

Headline News from - September 11, 2013

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September 09, 2013

Headline News from - September 9, 2013

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September 04, 2013

Headline News from - September 4, 2013

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August 26, 2013

TSYS to Support PayPal's Expansion to Physical POS

Tsys logo 140pxTSYS has announced it has entered into an agreement with Discover to process PayPal payment transactions within the contiguous United States.

“We are extremely pleased to support PayPal’s expansion into more physical merchant locations. We believe PayPal provides merchants and consumers more choices and helps reach new consumers at the point of sale, relying on our robust payment transaction processing platforms, as well as other value-added products and services,” said Mark Pyke, president of TSYS’ Merchant Services segment.

“We anticipate the addition of PayPal as an added benefit to both merchants and consumers.”

According to TSYS, "PayPal offers consumers several advantages, one of which is that PayPal can serve as a single source to access customers’ credit or debit cards, bank accounts, PayPal balances, or Bill Me Later payment methods all stored in their PayPal accounts at a point-of-sale terminal."

August 13, 2013

Chase Checkout Introduced by Chase Paymentech

ChasePaymentech logo 140pxChase Paymentech has announced the launch of “Chase Checkout” – a set of solutions to help merchants accept payments however they do business: in store, online or on the go. Merchants can now securely and efficiently accept card payments from their smartphones with the new Chase Mobile Checkout app for Apple iOS or Android and an encrypted card reader.

“We are always looking for ways to help merchants grow their businesses and Chase Checkout does just this by enabling clients to accept payments however they operate,” said Dan Charron, president of Chase Paymentech.

“Chase Checkout is a ‘one-stop shop’ for small-business owners: one agreement, one system, one statement and one trusted merchant services’ relationship to manage.”

Chase says that Checkout gives merchants the convenience of working with one trusted provider – with integrated reporting, 24/7 live U.S.-based customer support and a commitment to security– when they accept payments via:
  • Mobile Checkout: When merchants accept mobile payments with Chase Paymentech, they can process credit and signature debit card payments and gift card transactions in any location within the United States. Merchants have transaction level access to monitor and process voids and returns from their smartphones. Merchants can view sales and transaction summaries from the Mobile Checkout app after the payments have been processed. Additionally, they can create a catalog of item descriptions and images and email or text digital receipts. The use of signature capture and the location of the point of sale on the digital receipt helps minimize fraud and chargebacks. Finally, merchants’ customer data is protected in transit with point-to-point encryption.
  • Retail Checkout: In retail settings, Chase Paymentech’s Future Proof Terminal helps merchants accept both traditional and emerging forms of payment such as EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) chip-enabled cards, NFC-enabled (near field communications) mobile wallets and other contactless payments. Also, through iTerminal®, businesses and professional service firms such as accounting, law and medical, can use their existing computers to accept payments, helping them save on traditional start-up equipment costs.
  • Online Checkout: Chase Paymentech offers e-commerce merchants, and merchants who accept telephone orders, a suite of PCI-compliant and easy-to-use web-based payment processing options accessible with a merchant’s existing computer. These options require no additional hardware and integrate seamlessly with merchants’ shopping cart functionality, catalog creation and inventory management.

Chase says that its Mobile Checkout card reader is "battle-tested for real-world use. The device, which fits securely in the audio port of Apple and Android-enabled smartphones, features the recognizable Chase octagon and includes a rechargeable lithium ion battery so it does not drain the smartphone’s power supply. Having an integrated battery also increases the likelihood of positive card reads on the first swipe, and since hardware encryption is performed in the device, personal information is not stored within the smartphone."

July 31, 2013

Headline News from - July 31, 2013

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July 25, 2013

Headline News from - July 26, 2013

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July 23, 2013

Headline News from - July 23, 2013

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July 09, 2013

Headline News from - July 9, 2013

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June 17, 2013

Headline News from - June 17, 2013

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May 03, 2013

Mobey Forum Releases New White Paper: "The MPOS Breakthrough"

Mobey forum logo 140pxThe Mobey Forum has just released a new white paper title "The MPOS Breakthrough: How the Power of Mobile has Disrupted Payments".

The paper begins:

"Little more than three years after the December 2009 launch of Square, MPOS has redefined merchant card acceptance at the point of sale (POS), by both rewriting the rules on who can accept card payments and vastly simplifying their means to do so."
The white paper along with a short webinar discussing it are available on the Mobey Forum website.

April 30, 2013

Discover Signs Over 50 Acquirers to Add PayPal Acceptance

PayPal DiscoverDiscover has announced that it has signed contracts with 50 merchant acquirers to help extend PayPal’s in-store acceptance to more than 2 million merchant outlets by the end of 2013. The relationship between PayPal and Discover to expand PayPal's acceptance was announced last August.

“With the signing of 50 merchant acquirers to date, we are well on our way toward helping PayPal reach its goals of acceptance at millions of physical locations in the U.S.,” said Diane Offereins, president of payment services at Discover.

“Our relationship represents the unique abilities we have to leverage our payments assets and infrastructure to work with emerging payments leaders like PayPal, and we’re proud of the progress we’ve made in such a short time.”

Discover highlighted Vantiv, WorldPay, Global Payments, First American Payments, Heartland Payment Systems and TSYS among the US merchant acquirers who have joined the program.

Headline News - April 30, 2013

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April 25, 2013

Headline News - April 25, 2013

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April 12, 2013

Headline News - April 12, 2013

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Note: Headline News is compiled by Glenbrook Partners. Throughout the day, as we spot interesting developments, this post is updated.

August 16, 2012

Square Introduces Simple Monthly Pricing for Merchants

Square logo 140pxSquare as announced new simple pricing for small businesses - a flat $275 monthly fee for merchants who process up to $250,000 per year and for transactions up to $400 in value.

“For 62 years, merchants have suffered complicated, expensive processing fees. Square is the first company to rethink electronic payment pricing with the merchant in mind. We are giving merchants affordable, predictable pricing, ” said Square CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey. “With one monthly price, merchants know that the sales they’ve processed in a day is the same amount deposited in the bank.”

Doing the math, Square's new flat fee pricing will save fees for merchants who do over $100,000 annually in swipe payment volume as compared to its standard 2.75%/swipe fee. For example, a merchant doing $200,000/year will have an effective discount rate of 1.375%. Manually-entered card transactions are not included in the flat fee - they continue to be priced at 3.5% + 15 cents per transactions.

July 03, 2012

Cielo Acquires Merchant e-Solutions (MeS)

Cielo logo 140pxCielo, the largest merchant acquirer in Brazil, has announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Merchant e-Solutions (U.S.) for $670 million.

The advanced technology developed by MeS will provide Cielo with greater process automation (back office), flexibility and agility in developing new products and, consequently, will enable a lower time-to-market for new products and services. In addition, with the acquisition of MeS, Cielo gains a physical presence in Silicon Valley, a hotbed of technological innovation and currently the epicenter of the digital revolution in payments.

February 27, 2012

Visa to Move to New Acquiring Fee Structure

Visa logo 60pxhWhile vague on specifics, Visa has announced to investors that it is changing its acquiring side fee structure in April.

First, Visa will lower variable acquirer processing fees for all Visa-branded products and across all merchant segments, including small merchants. Second, we are expanding acquirer and merchant incentives to further lower merchants’ processing costs. Third, Visa is implementing a new Fixed Acquirer Network Fee that will be assessed to acquirers based on both the merchant’s size and its number of locations.

Digital Transactions News talked to a number of sources and was able to piece together a more complete picture.

October 24, 2011

Office Depot to Launch Office Depot Merchant Services

Office depot logo 140x60pxOffice Depot has announced the launch of Office Depot Merchant Services, an electronic payment processing service for small and medium-sized businesses.

In partnership with Century Payments, Office Depot is the first office supply retailer to provide a private branded solution to enable small and medium-sized businesses with direct access to accept electronic payments via all major debit and credit cards at the point-of-sale. Businesses can now conveniently accept payments using a variety of cutting-edge equipment options that will allow companies to process payments from a retail location, through the Internet or with a mobile device.

Office Depot Merchant Services website has all the details.

January 04, 2011

TSYS Acquires Remaining 49% of First National Merchant Solutions

tsys_logo_140px.pngTSYS has announced that it has acquired the remaining 49% interest in First National Merchant Solution (FNMS) from First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO). The company will be rebranded as TSYS Merchant Solutions. TSYS formed a joint venture with FNBO in April 2010, when it acquired a 51% controlling interest in the direct merchant acquirer and transaction processor. FNMS is ranked as the 10th-largest merchant acquirer in the U.S. by dollar volume in 2009.

December 08, 2010

Credicard and Elavon To Form Merchant Acquiring Business in Brazil

Elavon_logo-140px.jpg Citi_logo_140px.png Credicard, a wholly-owned Brazilian subsidiary of Citigroup, and Elavon have announced a binding agreement to establish a joint venture creating a merchant services company that will offer a full suite of payment solutions to the Brazilian marketplace. "The new company will be branded as “Elavon” and will be supported with the launch of a sales force with national coverage, as well as in-market operations, technology and product resources."

November 18, 2010

Global Payments and 'la Caixa' Form Merchant Acquiring Joint Venture in Spain

globalpayments_logo-140px.jpgGlobal Payments and "la Caixa," the largest retail bank in Spain, have announced they are forming a merchant acquiring and payment processing joint venture in Spain.

"la Caixa", headquartered in Barcelona, was founded over a century ago, and is the market leader in Spanish merchant acquiring with over 150,000 merchant outlets. "la Caixa" also has the largest consumer banking footprint in Spain with more than 5,000 branches, 10.5 million customers and a 21 percent market share in merchant acquiring.

October 13, 2010

Discover Expands Merchant Acceptance Market Coverage

Discover_logo-140px.pngDiscover has announced that it has signed a merchant acquirer agreement with First National Bank Alaska, furthering is growth in merchant acceptance.

The agreement with First National Bank Alaska also marks a significant milestone for Discover, representing the completion of a multi-year effort to secure agreements and implement merchant acquiring programs with all of the top 100 merchant acquirers in the United States.

August 30, 2010

Atos Origin Acquires Leading Indian Payments Processor

atos_origin_logo_140px.gifAtos Origin today announced the acquisition of Venture Infotek, the leading independent player in the Indian payments market. Created in 1991, Venture Infotek operates in merchant acquiring, card processing, loyalty programs, government benefits programs on behalf of the Indian banks and major retailers. Venture Infotek operates in the major cities of India.

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