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March 06, 2012

July 20, 2011

Mazooma Micropay-in-a-Box Targets Discover Digital Goods Merchants

Mazooma logo 140pxMazooma has announced an "instant on" micropay-in-a-box solution that is available to Discover’s direct merchants using the Centinel® Universal Merchant Platform through CardinalCommerce Corporation.
“With Mazooma’s micropay-in-a-box solution, Discover merchants selling digital content can enjoy instant, online payments, as well as ease of implementation, less technical resources and consolidated settlement and reporting,” says Farhan Ahmad, General Manager, Prepaid & Director of Emerging Payments at Discover. “At Discover, we aim to provide our merchants with more payment choices, and we believe the relationship with Mazooma will do just that.”

October 19, 2009

Mazooma, Partner for Provide Instant Debit Transactions

Mazooma, a real-time online debit payment solution for U.S. consumers, has announced that PETCO has signed an agreement to integrate the Mazooma solution on its Web site, According to the two companies, "PETCO will now be able to provide a real time, bank authenticated debit payment option for its U.S. consumers, allowing online shoppers to easily and securely pay for their purchases with cash." READ MORE »
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