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Market Platform Dynamics

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May 25, 2006

MPD: Gen X and Y - David Evans Keynote

Last week, David Evans of Market Platform Dynamics gave a keynote at Card Forum titled "Gen X and Y: Path to the Future or Distinction Without a Difference" (PDF). Based upon his proprietary research, he appears skeptical about the whether they'll want to use their mobile phones to make purchases and suggests concerns about security may keep them from trying contactless devices. He also says that with respect to issuers being challenged by receivables growth, "young people today revolve much less than young people a decade ago."

May 05, 2006

Consumers Say Mobile Phone As Payment Device "Unnecessary"

Enid Burns reports for ClickZ on a study by Market Platform Dynamics where more than half the young consumers who participated said they feel the ability to use their mobile phones as a payment device is unnecessary.


January 04, 2006

i-modes and Octopi

Market Platform Dynamics has announced a new paper exploring the evolution of mobile payments in Japan and Asia by Andrei Hagiu, an Assistant Professor at Harvard Business School, titled "i-modes and Octopi: Will Asia Reshape the World's Payment Industry?"

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