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November 07, 2013

Headline News from - November 7, 2013

On the web:

  • Bitcoin: A Primer - Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago - "Bitcoin is a digital currency that was launched in 2009, and it has attracted much attention recently. This article reviews the mechanics of the currency and offers some thoughts on its characteristics."
  • Bitcoin isn’t so broken after all - Freedom to Tinker (Ed Felten) - "In short, a coalition of ES-miners cannot form and will not survive."
  • Square Exploring 2014 IPO With Banks - WSJ Digits - "Technology entrepreneur Jack Dorsey is trying to pull off two high-profile initial public offerings in the span of one year."
  • Minting Cash: how Square designed a product with no design at all - The Verge - "One of Dorsey’s most critical directives during the process was that users shouldn’t have to come up with new usernames and passwords, because in real life, you don’t need a password to hand some money to a friend."
  • Does anyone care about Square? - Financial Services Club Blog - "We will soon live in a world without payments. As retailers integrate more of the financial transaction into their trade processes, the more we live in a world where payments become increasingly irrelevant."
  • Is Bitcoin Broken? - Bitcoin Foundation - "...I believe the paper’s assertion of a fundamental flaw is based on some over-simplified assumptions about how the bitcoin mining market works."
  • The Bitcoin Bubble - TechCrunch - "Bitcoin can have ‘value’ based not on any sort of government backing or the like, but it can provide short-term utility to all holders if it has use."
  • Bitcoin Climbs to Record on Wider Acceptance, China Trade - "If James Bond, Sergey Brin and Paul Volcker all got together and designed their ideal currency, it might look a lot like Bitcoin..."
  • Jumio unveils faster and smarter Netswipe 2.0, cements its standing as the most secure mobile payment verification option - PandoDaily - "Today Jumio announced version 2.0 of its Netswipe platform, making payment card scanning significantly faster and adding the ability to read not only credit card numbers and expiration date, but also, for the first time, the cardholder’s name."
  • BTCJam: P2P Lending via Bitcoin - NetBanker - "Case in point: BTCJam , a global P2P lending outfit with founders in Brazil and San Francisco, that lends in Bitcoins."

On the wires:

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May 29, 2012

April 10, 2012

March 24, 2011

March 23, 2011

September 21, 2010

Litle Provides Integrated Payment Tokenization Platform

litle_logo_140px.pngLitle & Co. has announced the availability of Litle Vault, an integrated tokenization solutions that enables CNP merchants to safely remove sensitive cardholder data from their systems without disrupting the integrity of their existing card transaction-based processes. "Delivered through the Litle payment processing platform, merchants can then use tokens in place of credit card numbers for all successive payment transactions including authorizations, deposits and chargebacks."

March 12, 2009

Following the MRC on Twitter

Litle & Co's John Stevens is continuing his superb Twitter coverage today of the Merchant Risk Council's annual conference being held in Las Vegas. To, tune in, click here. Or try this Twitter search for MRC. Wow, John, rock on! Great job!

February 11, 2009

Litle & Co. Shares Seven Payment Processing Laws for Merchants

According to Litle & Co., a provider of payment processing solutions for card-not-present merchants, "payment processing is an often overlooked source of revenue creation and marketing intelligence, two of the most important concerns for merchants facing the current economic conditions. By looking at payments and processing as an opportunity to improve operations, merchants can increase their revenue by reducing declined authorizations, offering the right mix of payment options and focusing attention on their most profitable customers." READ MORE »
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