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International Payments Framework

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June 25, 2013

Headline News from - June 25, 2013

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  • Summer Camp! - A special summer session of our popular Payments Boot Camp - in Half Moon Bay on August 6th and 7th... Also, an optional half day course on Data In Payments - August 8th, also in Half Moon Bay. Join Carol, Scott and Russ for lively, interactive sessions - register now!
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November 14, 2012

Glenbrook Goes Global!

GP Logo Horizontal 140px

Glenbrook is pleased to announce availability of a new private payments workshop on Global Payments.

Focused particularly on cross-border payments, the course is designed to help payments professionals understand this rapidly changing, and highly lucrative, sector of the industry. The Global Payments course is an addition to Glenbrook's extensive list of available private workshops.

Glenbrook's Global Payments course is available as a one-day or two-day session, and can be conducted in person at your premises and/or via a private webinar to reach your global staff groups. The agenda includes:

  • Overview: Key Concepts, Regulation, Foreign Exchange
  • Country Payments Systems - Commonalities and Differences, Key Country Focus
  • Cross-Border Payments: Wires, ACH, Cards, Money Transfer Systems
  • Cross-Border Use Cases - Supplier Payments (B2B), Cross-Border eCommerce, Global Payouts (B2C and G2C), International Remittances

Private workshop clients can choose particular countries they are interested in for the "Key Country Focus" section, as well the particular use cases they want to concentrate on.

Interested? Please take our global payments survey to give us your general feedback. And contact Glenbrook's Elizabeth McQuerry to discuss scheduling a Global Payments workshop for your company.

September 10, 2012

Payments Views - The Good News on International Remittances is...

GP Logo Horizontal 140pxOver on Payments Views, Glenbrook's Elizabeth McQuerry has posted her analysis of the recent Atlanta Fed symposium the approaching February 7, 2013 deadline for compliance with the new Section 1073 rules of the Dodd-Frank Act.
While all the industry providers at the conference asserted that they will be “ready” (many noting that any code changes must be completed by the end of October before the year-end freezes), there was much discussion about degrees of compliance. “Degrees of compliance” is an interesting concept in payments, where often, decision engines generally make yes-no decisions.

February 03, 2011

Glenbrook Launches News Series of eCommerce Market Analysis Reports

GP Logo Horizontal 140px Glenbrook is launching a new series of eCommerce Market Analysis Reports designed to help U.S. companies better understand eCommerce markets around the world — why they might be attractive expansion targets, what makes them unique, what payment options are necessary to reach the broadest possible cross-section of online buyers, and which payment providers can help companies enter the market.

Reports are available for purchase now for the following markets: China, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Poland. We're working on others, so let us know if there is a specific market you would like to know more about.

June 02, 2009

Elavon Expands Multi-Currency Acceptance Capabilities

Elavon has announced enhancements to its international processing platform that expands multi-currency, cross-border and Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) capabilities for merchants. Elavon’s network now has the ability to authorize in 89 currencies, settle in 16, and convert up to 48 currencies for DCC. In addition, Elavon has launched DCC in Germany, where the processor can currently convert 27 currencies, giving its merchants the ability to generate a new revenue stream by sharing in the conversion fees. READ MORE »

January 20, 2009

Visa Europe Expects Deal with EU

In an article titled "Visa Europe expects deal with EU on card fees soon", Huw Jones reports for Reuters about comments from Visa EU management indicating that they expect "to reach a deal with European Union competition authorities on its much disputed transaction fees this year."

June 17, 2008

Payoneer Gives Organizations A Better Way to Pay Worldwide

Payoneer has announced that it is helping direct selling industry leaders to pay their international sales representatives’ commissions on branded reloadable Prepaid MasterCard cards instead of sending them paper checks or wire transfers. READ MORE »

May 14, 2008

Travelex Cash Passport Prepaid Foreign Currency Card Debuts

Travelex Cash Passport, the first prepaid foreign currency card in the United States according to the company, launched May 1. The card allows travelers to load and lock-in their rate for British Pounds or Euros. READ MORE »

May 12, 2008

Preparing for OFAC Screening on International ACH Transactions

EPN, the ACH business of The Clearing House Payments Company, is urging financial institutions to start planning now to meet OFAC requirements for new international ACH transactions (IAT) in March 2009 and has created an IAT Readiness Checklist to help financial institutions prepare. READ MORE »

April 28, 2008

International Payments Framework Moves into Phase II

The International Payments Framework Group (IPF) has announced its decision to go forward with the next phase of the project. According to IPF, 'Phase II will improve the cross-border payments process through operating rules that will enable interoperability between domestic and international ACH systems.' READ MORE »

February 07, 2008

International Payments Framework Initiative Seeks Members

The International Payments Framework (IPF) has announced completion of its first phase. Over the past 12 months, representatives from 30 organizations representing 15 countries around the world have been reviewing the feasibility of an International Payments Framework. Phase I of the project is now complete with the development of the IPF concept paper. Phase II, which will enable interoperability between domestic and international ACH systems, has begun with a 90-day member solicitation period to conclude March 31, 2008.

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