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March 31, 2015

Headline News from - March 31, 2015

On the Web:

  • Apple Pay Running Into Hurdles at Checkout Counter, Survey Finds - Bloomberg Business - "The majority of people who used Apple Pay said they did so because it was faster than a traditional credit card. Almost 60 percent they were using it because “it’s new, stylish or cool,” while 58 percent said they thought it was safer than a normal credit card."
  • Square Wants to Become a Platform — Here’s Why that Matters For Small Businesses - StreetFight - "Now, with millions of small businesses already using its application to process payments, the company needs to navigate through a complex and crowded small business software market to build a platform from which merchants can run their business."
  • The Most Important Question for Launching Your Digital Platform - MasterCard Blog (Ed McLaughlin) - "It was quite a trip down memory lane to revisit our strategy for launching and growing that business. Even more striking is how the same principles we applied online in the first-wave of internet use are even more vital to launching a new platform today, in a world where digital convergence is radically altering the day-to-day experiences, preferences, and habits of consumers."

On the Wires:

  • MasterCard Easy Savings® Program and Provide Millions of Ways for Small Businesses to Save - “Easy Savings was built to make savings on everyday needs stress-free and simple—all you have to do is use your eligible MasterCard business card,” said Jay Singer, senior vice president, North America commerical products. “With the broad selection of goods and merchants that offers and the services that BizEquity provides, we can now deliver even more value to our small business cardholders enrolled in the program.”
  • Moneris to work with Verifone as Exclusive Provider for its Countertop Terminal Solutions in United States - “We’re pleased to be able to work with Verifone as a key partner in our work to help U.S. merchants transition to EMV-enabled payment devices,” said Chris Lee, president, North American strategic partnerships and emerging markets. “Verifone is a leader in next generation EMV solutions and the VX 520 offers merchants a cost-effective, durable, feature-rich product that can manage everything from EMV to contactless payments.”
  • Criteo Report Reveals Consumers Increasingly Comfortable with Mobile Purchases - “Mobile commerce is growing like a weed,” said Jonathan Wolf, chief product officer, Criteo. “In just the last three months there was a 10 percent increase in mobile transactions in the US alone. Smartphones are now the majority of mobile transactions, and the growth of larger screen sizes and better mobile sites is only going to accelerate this trend.”
  • ProPay Announces ProFac Express for Payment Facilitators - “ProPay’s ProFac Express lets payment facilitators take immediate advantage of our industry-leading transaction processing platform – including online application, instant boarding, underwriting and more – while also empowering them to play an active role in the processing and client-service relationship.”
  • Global Payments’ OpenEdge Division Integrates Secure Payments Solutions with Carolina Software’s WasteWORKS Software Suite - “Everyone in the ecosystem understands that EMV represents a far superior security solution at the point-of-purchase,” stated OpenEdge President, Sid Singh. “Yet, developers face challenges ensuring merchants are ready to accept EMV payments within the POS system. EdgeShield solves this problem, so developers can integrate EMV swiftly and merchants can accept payments seamlessly.”
  • Ingenico Mobile Solutions Launches First and Only mPOS Solution for EMV Chip & Sign, Contactless and Magnetic Stripe Card Acceptance - “Merchants want options when it comes to EMV and NFC. With the RP450c, Ingenico Mobile Solutions now provides the first and only mPOS solution that enables acceptance of all payment types, with the most flexible connection options,” said David Szczepanski, COO at Ingenico Mobile Solutions.
  • Ingenico Group’s Wi-Fi Pay-at-the-Table Technology Brings EMV and NFC Tableside - “With the EMV liability shift and growing popularity of mobile wallets, merchants in the hospitality industry need to think differently about how they accept payment directly at the table,” said Gregory Boardman, Senior Vice President of Product and Development for Ingenico Group, North America. “This new Wi-Fi enabled addition to our iWL series ensures that Ingenico Group can meet the needs of any merchant that wants to implement a Pay-at-the-Table strategy, and in turn ensure EMV compliance.”
  • TransFirst Certifies Verifone’s Secure Commerce Architecture - “The certification of Verifone’s Secure Commerce Architecture is a major milestone for TransFirst,” said John Shlonksy, President and CEO for TransFirst. “It confirms our commitment to providing enhanced data security payment solutions to our merchants and sales partners that will not only reduce the scope of EMV certification, but also save their time and resources.”
  • Mozido Invests in HCE Pioneer SimplyTapp - “The mobile payments industry is in the midst of a transformation. With secure element-based NFC mobile payments struggling, the industry is leaning heavily towards a future of more open, HCE oriented mobile payment transactions,” said Michael Liberty, Mozido founder and chairman of global strategic initiatives. “By partnering with SimplyTapp, the pioneer and leader of HCE payments, Mozido will be at the forefront of this transformation.”
  • Mozido Invests in IdentityMind Global, Forms Partnership for Unprecedented Fraud Protection in Mobile Commerce - “Fraud prevention in e-Commerce and online transactions is most effective when the identity of the consumer or entity is known,” said Garrett Gafke, president and CEO of IdentityMind. “Our platform recognizes individuals based on a combination of attributes and helps validate how these attributes correlate against each other both online and offline. This is particularly important in mobile commerce where online merchants sacrifice collecting information for reducing friction in the mobile payment/registration process, and mobile adoption is larger within underbanked and unbanked demographics.”

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