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October 22, 2014

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May 10, 2011

ID Analytics Introduces Consumer Notification Service

Id analytics 140pxID Analytics has announced the availability of its Consumer Notification Service that benefits both businesses and consumers by alerting consumers in real-time when their identity is used, potentially without their permission. "With ID Analytics' industry-first patent-pending Not Me Notification System, consumers and businesses now have the power to work together to stop identity fraud in its tracks."

June 23, 2010

TransUnion, ID Analytics Introduce New Credit Optics Plus Score

TransUnion and ID Analytics have introduced a new credit risk score – ID Analytics Credit Optics Plus – that the two companies say "examines conventional measures of creditworthiness, willingness and ability to pay, in combination with a new dimension, stability, in a single solution. This powerful combination provides a 360-degree view of consumer behavior and enhances the predictiveness of credit decisions, often resulting in a performance lift for lenders." READ MORE »

October 05, 2009

TransUnion Adds ID Analytics Solutions

TransUnion_logo-140px.jpgTransUnion and ID Analytics have announced that TransUnion will include ID Analytics' collections, credit, and identity risk solutions in TransUnion's portfolio of service offerings. According to the two firms, "ID Analytics' scores provide TransUnion customers with unique, real-time insight into consumers' fraud risk and creditworthiness across the entire lifecycle including origination, portfolio management and collections. The two companies are jointly delivering a suite of solutions that reduce credit losses, improve collection efforts, and reduce costs associated with fraudulent transactions." READ MORE »

October 01, 2009

ID Analytics Introduces Unique Collections Scores

ID Analytics has announced the availability of new collections scores that leverage real-time consumer identity information to improve both early stage and late stage collections efforts. ID Analytics Collections Optics enables companies to increase the effectiveness of collections efforts by accurately determining the likelihood of a charge-off in the early stage, and predicting the balance percentage of late stage delinquent accounts that will likely be repaid. READ MORE »

March 25, 2009

ID Analytics Introduces ID Network Attributes

ID Analytics has announced the availability of the ID Network Attributes, a family of products that provide organizations with greater insight into the array of consumer identity information within the company's ID Network. According to the company, "these attributes reveal new and powerful insights into identity information not available from other sources such as public records or credit bureaus, while protecting the sensitivity of the data." READ MORE »

November 06, 2008

ID Analytics Introduces Credit Optics Supplemental Credit Score

ID Analytics has introduced ID Analytics Credit Optics, a supplemental credit score that the company says "delivers a new dimension to the assessment of the creditworthiness of individuals. ID Analytics Credit Optics improves credit decisions by gleaning insight from information that is not typically included when calculating a traditional credit score. Organizations can immediately reduce losses by combining traditional credit scores with ID Analytics Credit Optics to fine tune credit decision processes." READ MORE »

October 30, 2008

ID Analytics Enhances Online Fraud Prevention Capabilities

ID Analytics has announced an enhanced version of ID Score that "leverages critical online identity elements to further reduce identity fraud within the online environment, while also significantly improving the customer experience." READ MORE »

June 30, 2008

ID Analytics Introduces Authentication Solution

ID Analytics has announced the availability of ID Analytics for Authentication - calling it "a network based authentication solution that enables organizations to validate customer identities during online and call center interactions. ID Analytics for Authentication accurately separates legitimate and suspicious identities while reducing customer abandonment rates and lowering the cost of an authentication session by up to 50 percent." READ MORE »

October 15, 2007

ID Analytics Introduces ID Score-Revenue for Thin File Consumers

ID Analytics has announced ID Score-Revenue, calling it "a new solution to help companies expand their customer base by more accurately evaluating the risk of individuals that lack substantial credit histories."


May 16, 2007

ID Analytics Secures $20 Million in Series C Financing

ID Analytics has announced it has closed $20 million in a Series C financing that was led by Investor Growth Capital and included existing investors Canaan Partners, Trinity Ventures and Mission Ventures.


March 07, 2007

ID Analytics Introduces Data Breach Analysis Services

ID Analytics has introduced Breach Analysis Services for enterprises - "the only solution on the market that can determine with a high degree of accuracy whether a data breach is truly a source of identity theft or related harm" according to the company.

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