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October 17, 2014

Headline News from - October 17, 2014

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February 25, 2014

Headline News from - February 25, 2014

Glenbrook's Payments Insight Workshop series this spring focuses on three key topics for payments professionals: Bitcoin - Basics and Beyond (March 26), Data in Payments (April 22) and Innovation in Payments (May 8). Offered in a small group setting in the San Francisco Bay Area, registration is now open for each of these workshops!

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Note: Headline News is compiled by Glenbrook Partners. Throughout the day, as we spot interesting developments, this post is updated. Do you have news to share? Tell us here:!

May 03, 2013

Mobey Forum Releases New White Paper: "The MPOS Breakthrough"

Mobey forum logo 140pxThe Mobey Forum has just released a new white paper title "The MPOS Breakthrough: How the Power of Mobile has Disrupted Payments".

The paper begins:

"Little more than three years after the December 2009 launch of Square, MPOS has redefined merchant card acceptance at the point of sale (POS), by both rewriting the rules on who can accept card payments and vastly simplifying their means to do so."
The white paper along with a short webinar discussing it are available on the Mobey Forum website.

March 03, 2011

Heartland Adds E-Check to Create Single Platform for Check Management

HeartlandPayments logo 140pxHeartland Payment Systems has announced that it has added Automated Clearing House (ACH) functionality to its Express Funds check management platform, which is powered by transmodus. "The consolidation of the ACH feature with Express Funds allows businesses to process all check transactions — paper, online and over-the-phone — from one location in a cost-effective way."

February 10, 2011

November 12, 2008

Shell Takes Echeck to the Gas Pump with Shell $aver Card

Shell Oil Products US has announced that it will be "the first major gasoline retailer to nationally launch an electronic check payment method when the Shell $aver Card becomes available to consumers on January 5, 2009. The Shell $aver Card will provide a convenient, new way to pay for purchases through a direct link to a consumer’s checking account, and offer a savings on each gallon of fuel pumped at participating Shell-branded stations. Shell wholesalers and retailers will benefit from the Shell $aver Card’s flat, per-transaction merchant service fee that is lower than third-party debit and credit cards."

Also, according to Shell, First Data will be handling the $aver Card transactions including using FDC's TeleCheck check verification services. READ MORE »

October 02, 2007

eBillMe Adds Buyer Protection Plan

MODASolutions eBillMe, an alternative payment option that allows consumers to pay merchants directly through their online bank account, has introduced a new Buyer Protection Plan.


October 03, 2006

Court Halts Illegal Operations of Online Check Processing Firm

The Federal Trade Commission has announced that San Diego-based Qchex, an Internet-based check creation and delivery service, has agreed to a temporary restraining order to halt what the FTC describes as its unfair business practices. According to the FTC, "Qchex creates and sends checks drawn on any bank account identified by a Qchex customer without verifying that the customer has authority to write checks drawn on that account. As a result, con artists have used the Qchex service to draw checks on bank accounts that belong to others."


August 23, 2006

Colleges Decline Credit Card Tuition Payments

Cara Nissman writes for about how more colleges and universities are deciding that it's just too expensive for them to accept credit cards for tuition payments. We reported earlier this month on a move by Brigham Young University to push its students to using echecks for tuition payments.

August 14, 2006

KeyBank's eCheck ACH Payee Reporting

KeyBank Global Treasury Management has announced it is "the first bank to offer its commercial clients complete eCheck ACH Payee reporting through all of its check fraud, account reconcilement, controlled disbursement and Positive Pay image services." The service allows clients to verify the names of the vendors and suppliers to whom they make payments.


August 08, 2006

Pushing eChecks Instead Of Cards

Brittani Lusk writes for the Deseret Morning News how Brigham Young University and other Utah-based colleges and universities are pushing their students to use echecks rather than credit or debit cards for making their tuition payments.


March 13, 2006

MyECheck Prepares For Mainstream Launch

Mark Anderson writes for the Sacramento Business Journal about El Dorado Hill-based MyEcheck which he reports is preparing for a mass market launch of its echeck payment service.


September 29, 2005

Amazon to Accept Electronic-Funds Payments for Orders

Ina Steiner reports for AuctionBytes this morning on plans by to enable buyers to pay for their purchases through their bank accounts rather than using credit or debit cards. will create an electronic funds transfer or bank draft, which will be presented to the buyer's bank or financial institution for payment from their bank account. Bank accounts must be valid automated clearing house ("ACH")-enabled at a U.S.-based financial institution, and transactions must be payable in U.S. dollars.

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