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March 19, 2012

Fiserv to Expand Popmoney P2P Payments Capabilities with MoneyGram

Fiserv logo 60pxhFiserv announced it will be adding MoneyGram’s money transfer services to the menu of money movement options available to financial institutions and consumers through the Popmoney, Fiserv's person-to-person payments product.
“With Popmoney, financial institutions can provide their customers with a faster, easier and more secure way to send and receive money from their bank or credit union accounts,” said Neil Platt, senior vice president and general manager of payments, CashEdge Division, Fiserv. “Working with MoneyGram will allow Fiserv to enhance the Popmoney service with cross-border and cash payment options, and expand consumer choices for managing their money.”

June 30, 2011

Fiserv to Acquire CashEdge

Fiserv logo 60pxhFiserv has announced that it entered into a definitive agreement to acquire CashEdge for $465 million.
CashEdge adds to Fiserv’s capabilities in areas such as account-to-account transfer, account opening and funding, data aggregation, small business payments, and person-to-person (P2P) payments. Both companies are in-market today with financial institution-centric P2P services that enable payments to be made from one account to another, Fiserv with ZashPay® and CashEdge with Popmoney®. This combination should accelerate Fiserv’s ability to provide new capabilities such as P2P money request, and small business electronic invoicing and remittance.

March 16, 2011

Visa Enhancements Deliver Personal Payments to U.S. Account Holders

Visa logo 60pxhVisa has announced that consumers in the U.S. will soon be able to receive and send funds to any eligible Visa credit, debit or prepaid account, anywhere in the world.
The new Visa personal payments service, which eliminates the inefficiencies of cash and checks for payments between individuals, was made possible through technical enhancements to VisaNet, Visa’s global payments processing network, and through the introduction of a new Visa transaction type that allows financial institutions to accept incoming funds.
Additionally, Visa announced strategic product agreements with CashEdge (announcement) and Fiserv (announcement). Both will have access to VisaNet, enabling them to integrate the Visa personal payment service into their respective P2P platforms - Popmoney and ZashPay.

March 07, 2011

February 07, 2011

NYCE and CashEdge Join Forces to Bring Real-Time P2P Payments to Banks

NYCE logo 140px Cashedge logo 140px NYCE has announced that it will begin offering CashEdge Popmoney to its more than 3,000 financial institution clients. But instead of using ACH, the normal Popmoney funds transfer method, the NYCE Payments Network "will provide the ability to transmit the funds between the sender’s account and the receiver’s account in real-time, resulting in the immediate availability of funds."

January 10, 2011

January 05, 2011

Fifth Third Bank to Launch Popmoney P2P Payments

cashedge_logo_140px.pngCashEdge has announced that Fifth Third Bank will launch Popmoney, CashEdge’s person-to-person email and mobile payments service, to its customers. The service will be offered online through Fifth Third’s online banking platform beginning in mid-2011.

December 10, 2010

CashEdge Launches Gift Card Options for Popmoney P2P Payments Service

cashedge_logo_140px.pngCashEdge has announced it expanded the capabilities of its Popmoney P2P payments service to provide users with various options for sending gifts of cash or prepaid gift cards.
Popmoney's gift card service, the first of its kind in the industry, enables bank customers to send retailer gift cards from their bank accounts. Customers can send gift cards to a recipient by email, mobile number or mailing address. Banks offering Popmoney can provide the option to their customers through a simple upgrade of the service.
CashEdge has partnered with industry leader Blackhawk Network to launch the service.

October 20, 2010

MoneyGram and CashEdge Form Strategic Alliance

cashedge_logo_140px.pngMoneyGram_logo_140px.pngMoneyGram and CashEdge have announced that they plan to integrate their respective money transfer and payment services platforms so that "recipients of Popmoney payments would be able to direct receipt of their funds to any of MoneyGram's 200,000 retail agent locations in more than 190 countries. This would enable Popmoney customers to send money to recipients who can then direct the funds to be picked up at an international MoneyGram location, to recipients who may lack a traditional bank account, or to those who simply prefer to withdraw funds as cash." READ MORE »

September 21, 2010

CashEdge Launches Popmoney for Small Business

CashEdge_logo_140px.jpgCashEdge has announced the launch of Popmoney for Small Business, the "first electronic invoice and payment solution designed specifically for small business customers of financial institutions." Popmoney for Small Business provides businesses with the unique capability to pay vendors and employees electronically using only an email or mobile number.

June 10, 2010

US Bank Partners with CashEdge for Popmoney Person-to-Person Payments

USBankCashEdge and U.S. Bank have announced that they are partnering to launch CashEdge's person-to-person (P2P) online and mobile payments service, Popmoney, later this year. According to the two companies, "U.S. Bank will offer Popmoney to its mobile banking customers through and the downloadable mobile banking application, the U.S. Bank Mobile Wallet. U.S. Bank is the first large U.S. bank to offer a mobile P2P solution that enables users to send money directly from their bank account to anyone with an email address, mobile phone number and a bank account." READ MORE »

May 25, 2010

Bank of the West Launches CashEdge’s Popmoney P2P Payments Service

CashEdgeCashEdge has announced that Bank of the West has launched Popmoney™, CashEdge’s person-to-person (P2P) payments service. CashEdge says that "Popmoney is the first payments service to allow bank customers the ability to send money from their bank account, using a recipient’s email address, mobile phone number or bank account information. Popmoney provides support for text messaging, WAP and downloadable mobile applications."

Bank of the West is waiving fees on the Popmoney service until the end of June. After that, fees charged to senders will be $3.00 for "Standard Delivery" (3 business days) and $10.00 for "Next Day Delivery". READ MORE »

April 26, 2010

ClairMail, CashEdge Partner for P2P Mobile Payments

clairmail-logo.gifClairMail has announced an agreement with CashEdge to provide financial institutions with connectivity to CashEdge's Popmoney through the ClairMail platform. As a result of the relationship, ClairMail customers will have the ability to provide consumers with a secure, consistent mobile banking and P2P payments experience. READ MORE »

December 18, 2009

First Two Banks Go Live with CashEdge’s POPmoney P2P Payments Service

POPmoney_logo-140px.pngCashEdge has announced today two U.S. banks are the first in the nation to launch POPmoney, its new email and mobile person-to-person (P2P) payments service that is offered through banks. According to the company, "five additional financial institutions have signed on to launch the service in early 2010, demonstrating strong momentum for the innovative new P2P payments service." From the list of participating banks shown on the website, it appears the first two banks are First Hawaiian and PNC. READ MORE »

November 03, 2009

CashEdge, Firethorn Partner for Mobile Person-to-Person Payments

CashEdge_logo-140px.jpgCashEdge and Firethorn have announced a strategic relationship to bring to market an integrated mobile person-to-person (P2P) payments solution integrating CashEdge's POPmoney P2P payments service with Firethorn's Mobile Wallet solution. According to the companies, "the integrated mobile P2P solution will enable financial institutions to offer their customers the ability to send electronic payments using CashEdge's POPmoney from within their Firethorn mobile banking application, by simply using the email address or mobile phone number of the recipient. This comprehensive mobile P2P banking solution will give consumers greater control over their finances, enabling them to pay other people whenever and wherever they want." READ MORE »

August 13, 2009

Consumers Want Person-to-Person Payments Services From Banks

CashEdge_logo-140px.jpgCashEdge has announced results from its fourth annual Consumer Online Banking Survey saying it "demonstrated an increasing demand for simple, secure person-to-person (P2P) payment services and the preference by consumers to get these services from their financial institution, rather than an independent service such as PayPal. Conducted annually by CashEdge, the study examines the behavior and preferences of more than 850 consumers nationwide aged 18 years and older who use online banking capabilities." READ MORE »

June 27, 2009

Money In The Bank? A look at CashEdge’s POPmoney

POPmoney_logo-140px.jpgOn, Glenbrook's Carol Coye Benson takes a look at CashEdge's new POPmoney person-to-person money transfer service. Carol interviewed CashEdge's Neil Platt, SVP & General Manager - US Banking, about the new service.

June 23, 2009

CashEdge Launches POPmoney P2P Payments Service for Banks

POPmoney_logo-140px.jpgCashEdge has announced the launch of POPmoney - calling it "the first person-to-person payments (P2P) service for banks, enabling banks to provide simple and secure P2P payments from their online or mobile banking applications." READ MORE »

January 28, 2009

CashEdge Updates 2008 Results for Account Opening/Funding

CashEdge has announced that it facilitated the acquisition of more than $4.5 Billion in assets for its financial institution clients during 2008 through its online account opening and funding products – OpenNow/FundNow and OpenNow/FundNow Express, an increase of more than 27 percent from 2007. READ MORE »

October 27, 2008

CashEdge Introduces Me-to-Me Transfers for Small Businesses

CashEdge has announced the launch of Small Business Me-to-Me Transfers, an online funds transfer product designed specifically to help financial institutions meet the needs of small businesses. READ MORE »

September 25, 2008

CashEdge Launches Intelligent Money Movement Platform

CashEdge has introduced Intelligent Money Movement -- what the company calls "an enhanced version of the Company's money movement platform that provides consumers and small businesses simple, seamless access to conduct electronic money movement through online and mobile banking applications." READ MORE »

September 09, 2008

CashEdge Launches OpenNow/FundNow Express

CashEdge has announced "the launch of OpenNow/FundNow Express, an online account opening and funding solution designed specifically to enable small/mid-sized banks and credit unions to offer the same advanced online opening and funding account capabilities available at larger financial institutions." READ MORE »

January 28, 2008

CashEdge Reports Account-to-Account Transfer Volumes

CashEdge has announced that it executed more than $38 billion in account-to-account transfers in 2007 - "a 300% percent increase over 2006 volume. The transfers were initiated by consumers through CashEdge's money movement solutions that are currently in use at nearly one-third of the top 75 banks in the United States."


July 10, 2007

CashEdge Sees Steady Growth of Online Payment Adoption By Small Businesses

CashEdge has announced that "CashEdge usage data for online payment, invoicing and collections during 2006 and through the first quarter of 2007, reflects the growth in adoption that was predicted by BAI's Small Business Payment Strategies research study in 2006, Aite Group's April 2006 survey of small businesses, and CashEdge's 2006 Small Business Survey. In June 2006, Bank of America became the first U.S. bank to offer electronic invoicing presentment and payment (EIPP) to small-business customers (through its Online Business Suite) and reports that the service has been extremely successful."


April 16, 2007

CashEdge To Use Verid's Knowledge Based Authentication Technology

Verid has announced that CashEdge will integrate Verid's Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) technology into CashEdge's online account opening and funding solutions to enhance the depth and quality of its risk management capabilities using Verid's industry-leading KBA process, already in use at eight of the top ten financial institutions.


July 25, 2006

New CheckFree Online Account Opening, Funding, Transfer Solutions

CheckFree has announced three new services powered by CashEdge. CheckFree Online Open and CheckFree Online Fund that are designed to help consumers establish and fund new accounts, in a matter of minutes. An automated decision-making engine processes the applications based on the financial institution's unique business rules for managing risk, while flagging any exceptions for manual review. CheckFree Online Transfer enables financial institutions to simplify the transfer of funds between accounts and create new revenue streams by extending their online offerings to include fee-based, intra- and inter- institution fund transfer services between accounts held at more than 23,000 banks, credit unions and brokerages.


June 27, 2005

Los Angeles Firemen's Credit Union Launches CashEdge's Instant Account Opening and New Account Funding Solutions

CashEdge announced this morning that the Los Angeles Firemen's Credit Union, a credit union serving firefighters and their families in the state of California, is using CashEdge's OpenNow and FundNow services. OpenNow/FundNow enables prospective credit union members to securely open and fund a new account in real-time through the credit union's website.

Approximately 95 percent of new online account applicants drop out between enrollment and funding. By offering a single-session solution, CashEdge enables financial institutions to increase dramatically account completion rates among this valuable member-base. Online members are particularly attractive because they are less costly to acquire and more profitable, maintaining higher account balances, utilizing more services and exhibiting higher overall account activity.

May 04, 2004

Citibank's Signature-Free Account Opening

Lavonne Kuykendall reports in today's American Banker on Citibank's new signature-free account opening process for new checking accounts via its web site. READ MORE »
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