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Blaze Mobile

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May 13, 2013

Headline News - May 13, 2013

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July 18, 2011

December 15, 2010

Blaze Mobile Invents New 'Smart' Payment Sticker With Two Way Communication

blaze_mobile_140px.pngBlaze Mobile has announced a new "patent pending 'smart' sticker that enables information to be transferred in real-time between the sticker and a mobile device without the use of a carrier network" or Wi-Fi for that matter.
This technology offers unprecedented capabilities to the consumer. For example, consumers can use the Blaze sticker to easily store and select from multiple payment options, like credit, gift and debit cards. Furthermore, Blaze’s sticker offers a myriad of business options beyond mobile payments including remote access to buildings, cars or health care data, and increased data security because of the ability to remotely deactivate lost or stolen stickers.

March 30, 2009

Blaze Mobile, MasterCard Partner for Tap & Go Payment Stickers

Blaze Mobile and MasterCard Worldwide have introduced the Blaze Mobile MasterCard PayPass mobile payment sticker. According to the two companies, "the small mobile payment sticker can be affixed to any mobile device, enabling it to be used for "Tap & Go" purchases at any of the over 141,000 merchant locations accept PayPass. The mobile payment sticker is tied to a prepaid account and is issued by MetaBank." READ MORE »

April 01, 2008

Blaze Mobile Wallet Supports NFC on AT&T, Sprint Nextel Phones

Mobile Candy Dish's Blaze Mobile Wallet is now available for cellular phones on the AT&T and Sprint Nextel networks. Using Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology, consumers using their mobile wallet software can simply wave their mobile phones to purchase merchandise. Unlike traditional credit card transactions, NFC transmits a user’s credit card information using radio waves to the credit card terminal and eliminates the need to take out the actual card and swipe.


March 27, 2007

VIVOtech, Mobile Candy Dish Partner on NFC Mobile Payments

ViVOtech has partnered with Mobile Candy Dish to "provide consumers a complete end-to-end mobile commerce platform" by combining ViVOwallet OTA and NFC mobile payment software and the Mobile Candy Dish Blaze suite of mobile services. With the combined offering, the two companies say "consumers can use their mobile phone to get movie information and pay for tickets using any form of credit, debit or gift card, as well as to redeem theater tickets electronically without any delays at the venue by using the ViVOtech contactless readers."


March 09, 2007

Mobile Candy Dish Pilots Movie Ticketing Mobile Commerce

Berkeley, California-based Mobile Candy Dish has announced a pilot with Marcus Theaters of a new service that allows consumers to use their mobile phones to buy movie tickets and get movie information.

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