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January 24, 2007

ClickandBuy Pursues Former Bitpass Merchants

ClickandBuy has announced it will "offer its full and comprehensive suite of services to BitPass merchants. ClickandBuy’s payment platform provides all different types of payments – not only micropayments, but more lucrative payments – payments such as monthly subscriptions, yearly fees and other payment structures, that can help merchants make more money online." Last week Bitpass announced it was ceasing operations.


January 19, 2007

Bitpass Is Toast

Bitpass has begun notifying its merchant and consumer customers via email that "due to circumstances beyond our control, we are discontinuing our operations. We have partnered with Digital River to provide operational support during the period prior to shut down. As of today, January 19, 2007, all Bitpass Buyers with US dollar denominated accounts are being notified that they will have seven (7) days to spend any amounts that currently exist in their Bitpass Account." Alas, Clay Shirky was right. Bitpass, RIP.

October 02, 2006

Bitpass Unveils Next-Generation Digital Commerce Engine

Bitpass has announced its next-generation digital commerce engine, which the company says "allows merchants, publishers, marketers and consumers to fully capitalize on digital content."


May 23, 2006

BitPass Inks Deal With Broadcast Giant Entercom

BitPass has announced an agreement with Entercom, one of the five largest radio broadcasting companies in the US, to enable subscription access to online broadcast content.


January 26, 2006

Reminder: Digital Commerce Summit

Digital Media Wire is hosting a 1-day executive forum for companies addressing the digital entertainment space on Tuesday, January 31 in New York City.


January 19, 2006

January 05, 2006

BitPass Acquires Yaga

BitPass-Logo.jpgBitPass has announced it has acquired substantially all the assets of Yaga, Inc., a developer of payment and accounting solutions for content providers.


December 29, 2005

2006 For Micropayments?

Forbes' Seth Lubove examines the opportunities for micropayments in 2006 including mentions of BitPass and Peppercoin.

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November 14, 2005

BitPass to Work with MSN to Enable Digital Content Sales

BitPass has announced an agreement with MSN to enable digital content sales on targeted international MSN portals. As part of the relationship, BitPass will work with MSN to provide co-branded payment services and a marketplace to MSN consumers, enabling a consistent and convenient buying experience.


December 09, 2003

BitPass announces general availability

BitPass this morning announced the general availability of its micropayment system. READ MORE »

July 01, 2003

BitPass launches new online content and services payments solution

BitPass, a content and services payments company we've been helping, soft launched their new service last night. READ MORE »
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