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March 27, 2012

BilltoMobile and Discover Partner for Mobile Payments

BilltoMobile logoBilltoMobile announced that it is entering into a marketing agreement with Discover which will enable the two companies to drive market-leading innovation and value in the rapidly-evolving digital goods, mCommerce, and mobile payments space.
The partnership with Discover is a significant milestone for BilltoMobile and validates its leadership position in the marketplace. Jim Greenwell, BilltoMobile's CEO commented, "This agreement with Discover enables BilltoMobile to better serve our consumers, merchants and carrier partners. Our product offering will expand as will the ability to serve marquee digital merchants."

January 18, 2012

BilltoMobile Launches One-Click Mobile Web

BilltoMobile logoBilltoMobile has announced the availability of one-click processing for Mobile Web transactions on its Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) platform.
BilltoMobile's deeper integration with US carrier networks enables it to identify a wireless subscriber's phone number when they make purchases through Mobile Web on their handsets. In a one-screen user flow, a user is asked to accept the Carrier's Terms of Use via an opt-in check box and then to opt in a second time on the same screen by confirming the exact amount to be charged to the network-identified phone number. BilltoMobile's proprietary risk and fraud system, which already processes billions of dollars in mobile payment transactions annually in the US and Korea, ensures the security of the purchase is maintained.

August 02, 2011

T-Mobile USA to Extend Direct Carrier Billing to Digital Content and Services

T mobile logo 140x60T-Mobile USA has announced Direct Carrier Billing, "a nationwide purchasing program to provide customers the convenience of securely purchasing digital content and services from their web-enabled device. With Direct Carrier Billing, T-Mobile customers can conveniently charge online purchases of digital games, gaming and social networking credits, music, videos and other digital content offerings directly to their existing T-Mobile account right from the Web browser of their connected device – whether a PC, smartphone, netbook or tablet."

T-Mobile Direct Carrier Billing is initially available via BilltoMobile, Boku, OpenMarket, Payfone, and Zong.

May 19, 2011

BilltoMobile Launching Global Mobile Payments Offering Covering 200+ Carriers in More Than 60 Countries

BilltoMobile logoBilltoMobile has announced it will be launching BilltoMobile payment service globally, offering U.S.-based online digital goods and services merchants "the ability to process web purchases on 200+ carriers in more than 60 countries with one simple integration into the BilltoMobile payments platform."

April 05, 2011

BilltoMobile Deployed With Multiple New Merchants

BilltoMobile logoBilltoMobile has announced it will provide its exclusive Direct Mobile Billing platform for carrier billing to a new group of diverse companies, including Aeria games, Flirtomatic, Gala-Net,, and Xtranormal. BilltoMobile is the only mobile payments company with direct connections to the top three U.S. mobile carriers -- AT&T, Sprint and Verizon Wireless -- providing merchants with access to 240 million wireless subscribers.

February 22, 2011

Fortumo and BilltoMobile Form Partnership for Direct Mobile Billing in US

Fortumo logo 140pxFortumo has announced a partnership with BilltoMobile that brings direct mobile billing in the US to online game developers in Europe and Asia.
Direct billing has significantly lower transaction fees as compared to Premium SMS, which means that developers will earn more from every transaction. In addition to that direct billing also brings improved security.
With the BilltoMobile partnership, Fortumo can now offer its merchants access to about 70% of the US mobile users via direct mobile billing, and access to another 25% of mobile users through Premium SMS.

February 18, 2011

BilltoMobile and Sprint Team up to Provide Carrier Billing to Subscribers

BilltoMobile logoBilltoMobile has announced an agreement to provide Sprint customers the ability to charge online purchases directly to their Sprint bill using BilltoMobile’s Direct Mobile Billing technology. This makes BilltoMobile the first mobile payments company to establish a direct billing connection to Sprint as well as the only mobile payments company to have a direct billing connection to with three major U.S. carriers (AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint).

February 14, 2011

February 09, 2011

PaymentOne Partners With BilltoMobile to Expand Direct Mobile Billing

BilltoMobile logo PaymentOne logo 140px PaymentOne has announced it is partnering with BilltoMobile to "offer PaymentOne merchants and customers more competitive payouts and advanced security compared to premium SMS through the BilltoMobile Direct Mobile Billing (DMB) payment service which is directly connected into the carrier billing system."

BilltoMobile currently offers Direct Mobile Billing support in the U.S. for AT&T and Verizon Wireless. READ MORE »

January 27, 2011

BilltoMobile And BOKU Sign Agreement For Verizon Direct Mobile Billing

boku_logo-140px.png BilltoMobile_logo.png BilltoMobile and BOKU plan to integrate BilltoMobile's payment gateway and BOKU's mobile payments platform. The goal is to offer direct mobile billing with Verizon (via BilltoMobile) to BOKU customers. Jim Greenwell, BilltoMobile CEO and Mark Britto, BOKU CEO, issued a joint statement:
“BilltoMobile and BOKU’s cooperative agreement is a landmark in US mobile payments cooperation. The real winners today are the many wireless subscribers who are excited about access to convenient, secure online mobile payments and the merchants who provide these consumers with a wide array of digital goods, content and services.”
Direct mobile billing (DMB) offers attractive merchant fees that are significantly lower than traditional PSMS rates. READ MORE »
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