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February 17, 2011

BB&T Introduces New Prepaid MoneyAccount

Bb t logo 140pxBB&T has announced the launch of the BB&T MoneyAccount, which is a prepaid transaction account tied to a Visa-branded debit card.
"Nearly 60 million Americans do not have a bank account today or they are underbanked," noted Scott Qualls. "The BB&T MoneyAccount is a prepaid solution that provides our clients with a secure and easy way to access their funds. It also features a simple, transparent fee structure."
The BB&T MoneyAccount has FDIC insurance and offers many of the features typically associated with a traditional checking account.

October 22, 2008

Viewpointe's View on Outsourcing Check Image Archives

Viewpointe has released research on the decision-making processes associated with outsourcing check image archives - including an industry whitepaper titled "In-House or Outsourced Image Archive Services: Plotting Position and Course'' that was developed with the independent research firm Financial Insights. Viewpointe has also released a Customer Experience Profile with BB&T Corporation chronicling the bank's results derived from outsourcing its check image archive to Viewpointe. READ MORE »

July 14, 2008

BB&T Introduces New Vault360 Commercial Deposit Service

BB&T has announced Vault360, a new service that will allow the bank to accept and process large cash or check deposits from commercial clients operating anywhere in the continental United States. READ MORE »
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