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January 11, 2005

Bank One Launches Overnight Check

Can you believe paper being faster than electronic payments? This morning Bank One announced a new Overnight Check service that is available to its checking account customers through its online banking website


July 07, 2004

JP Morgan Chase Selects TSYS for Credit Card Processing

JP Morgan Chase and TSYS announced late today that Chase has selected TSYS to provide credit card processing for the merged card portfolios of the former Bank One Corp. and JPMorgan Chase. A definitive contract is expected to be completed within a few weeks. READ MORE »

January 14, 2004

Bank One Email Alerts

Bank One has introduced an impressive email alert capability which can inform customers of all sorts of activity on their checking, savings or credit card accounts. About nine months ago, Russ Jones posted an opinion piece asking for just this kind of service. He was delighted to learn that this new service had recently been made available.
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