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March 25, 2009

Bank Fraud Forum Blog Launched

The Bank Fraud Forum Blog has been launched by Memento Security.

Fraud is a serious issue that deserves serious discussion. The Bank Fraud Forum℠ has two primary objectives: 1) to convey insights, opinions and comments on the world of financial crime, and 2) to serve as an open, albeit virtual, forum for the fraud fighting community. Our goal is to offer intelligent, timely and thought-provoking analysis of trends, news, best practices and more.

February 17, 2009

Introducing Payments Views - A New Glenbrook Blog

Over the last few days, we've been working to bring online another Glenbrook blog - this one called Payments Views. Our goal with Payments Views is for it to be a forum for commentary about the world of payments - complementing the news of the day coverage we provide here on Payments News.

In a post today on Payments Views titled "Who Wants to be (Half) a Millionaire?", Glenbrook's Bryan Derman reacts to an article titled "Banking for Dummies" by Michael Kinsley in today's Washington Post. Bryan welcomes your comments - particularly from those in the investment community.

As with Payments News, you can subscribe to Payments Views either via email subscription or RSS feed. And, as always, we welcome your feedback!

January 06, 2009

New Blogs Added - Is Yours Included?

Over the holidays, we've added more than a half dozen new payments, banking and security-related blogs to our list of Other Banking and Payments Blogs. On this one convenient page here on Payments News, you can quickly review the most recent postings from other blogs that we think are important and relevant to payments and banking professionals.

If you're an active blogger and think your blog should also be included, be sure to let us know (click on Feedback in the toolbar above) and we'll add yours as well! Send along your blog's home page and the location of your RSS feed - and we'll do the rest.

January 04, 2009

November 24, 2008

Other Banking and Payments Blogs

For the last few months we've been hosting a page here on Payments News showing the latest updates from over 30 banking and payments-related blogs. We've recently streamlined the page so that it's now much faster to load. You can visit the new page here. If you're an active blogger discussing industry topics and would like to be included, follow the instructions on the Other Banking and Payments Blogs page.

If you're really a banking and payments news junkie, you might also be interested in this new banking page on

November 21, 2008

Highlights from BAI Retail Delivery 2008

On his blog, Jim Bruene shares his highlights from this week's BAI Retail Delivery 2008 show in Orlando.

August 21, 2008

Banks, Datacenters and Networks - Going into the Cloud?

James Gardner writes on his BankerVision blog about what's happening with cloud computing and predicts: "In 10 years, 2 decades at the most, I believe banks will own neither data centres or networks."

Mobile Payments and Contactless Stickers

In a post titled "Could Mobile Payments Get a Boost from Lowly Stickers?", Jim Bruene writes on his NetBanker blog about contactless payment stickers - "It's a quarter-sized sticker you plop on the back of your mobile phone making it instantly payment enabled."

First Data has published "Contactless Payments: Consumer Trends and Usage Preferences" icon_PDF_small.gif saying that "the first step toward mobile commerce is the introduction of consumer-friendly form factors (i.e. a sticker attached to a person’s mobile device or ID badge; a wristband; or a key fob)." FDC calls its contactless stickers GO-Tags.

Click here for a Google search that will find more articles about contactless stickers.

July 01, 2008

Huntington Introduces Huntington Mobile Banking

Huntington has launched Huntington Mobile Banking, calling it "a secure, convenient and easy way for Huntington customers to access their bank accounts anytime, anywhere, using a cell phone, smart phone or any other mobile device with browser access." Mobile Banking blogger and Huntington's mobile banking product manager Brandon McGee blogs about the launch of Huntington Mobile Banking. READ MORE »

June 05, 2008

An Interview with John Chaplin

Dave Birch interviews John Chaplin for his latest Digital Money Forum podcast. "John has worked with a number of major companies on their European payments business and he is currently serving as European Payments Adviser to First Data International where he is heavily involved in SEPA strategy."

May 22, 2008

The Best Banking and Payments Blogs

Brad Garland's latest Banktastics' The Burst videocast covers his view on the best banking and payments related blogs - including Jim Bruene's Netbanker, Colin Henderson's Bankwatch, The Story, Marketing ROI, and even Payments News too!

As a reminder, we've got a long list of banking and payments blogs on one page here on Payments News. Got more favorites that we've missed? Add yours in the comments to this post or drop us an email!.

May 06, 2008

A Lament about Disconnected Banking in a Connected World

On The FinanSer, Chris Skinner blogs about today's world of what he calls 'disconnected banking' - noting that bankers have 'managed to get customers out of branches and transform them into data entry clerks, who serve themselves through ATMs and the Internet.' Who's he watching instead? The social finance sites like Zopa, Prosper and more - typically dismissed by bankers as 'folly, unpractical, unregulated and untenable.'

April 28, 2008

Any More Payments/Banking Bloggers?

Yesterday, we mentioned we were building a new page on Payments News with RSS feeds from payments and banking-related blogs. We had a number of responses from bloggers today and have updated the page to reflect those responses.

Are there any more blogs we should add - please let us know!

April 27, 2008

Are You Blogging About Payments, Banking, etc.?

Tell us about it! We're building a one page listing of updated content from other payments and banking-related blogs that we find worth a regular daily read. If you've got a payments or banking-related blog and think your blog should be listed, please send us your information via the link included on that page!

April 24, 2008

Digital Money Forum - Day 2 - Meet the Bloggers Panel

At mid-day today at the Digital Money Forum in London, five of us bank/payments bloggers took the stage for a lively discussion about blogs in financial services. The participants were Dave Birch from the Digital Money Forum blog (and the superb producer/director of this whole Forum!), Chris Skinner of, Colin Henderson of The BankWatch, Aneace Haddad of Aneace's Blog, and me, Scott Loftesness, of Payments News. The panel was introduced and deftly moderated by Steve Bowbrick. READ MORE »

October 31, 2007

A Look at Wells Fargo's Mobile Banking

In a post titled "Wells Fargo: Hitching its Reins to Mobile Banking", Brandon McGee writes for the Mobile Money & Banking blog about Wells Fargo's rollout of mobile banking services. McGee writes: "what captured my attention is that Wells Fargo seems to have strategically positioned themselves as the leader in mobile banking."

August 30, 2007

Some Evolutionary Thinking About Mobile Banking

Jim Bruene (of the Online Banking Report) and I had a discussion yesterday about the evolution of mobile banking in the US market. He writes about it here on his Mobile Money & Banking blog. Back in February, Jim published is first forecast of how this market would evolve. In his blog post, he reflects on the dynamics of the market since that time and makes some adjustments to his thinking. He's looking for comments from industry participants - and providing a bit of a bounty to entice you to share your thoughts.

August 09, 2007

A Look at Bank Blogs

Javelin Strategy & Research has announced a new report titled "Financial Institution Blogs: How to Manage Your Brand, Engage Customers and Why You Can’t Afford to Wait" - saying it "shows why financial institutions must engage in blogging now, and provides specific steps for assessing this powerful new brand-building and customer-connection capability into 2008-10 strategic plans."


July 12, 2007

BarCampBankSeattle - A Banking Camp in Seattle

Jim Bruene posts on NetBanker about the Banking Camp that's getting organized for next weekend (July 21/22) - called BarCampBankSeattle.

June 25, 2007

Jim Bruene's Fave Five Banking Industry Blogs

Our thanks to Jim Bruene (of NetBanker and the Online Banking Report) for listing Payments News among his top five banking industry blogs! We also enjoy all of the other banking (and related) blogs he's listed and highly recommend them as well.

June 05, 2007

New Online Banking Report - Social Personal Finance

Jim Bruene's out with a new edition of the Online Banking Report - this time covering the area of "Social Personal Finance". More info about this new report is available on Jim's Netbanker blog.

February 12, 2007

NetBanker Financial Blog Launches

Online Financial Innovations has announced the launch of NetBanker, a new free website featuring daily insights from the authors of the Online Banking Report. Congratulations to Jim Bruene of OBR on the launch of this great new service!

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