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February 19, 2008

Card Networks' Rebates and Incentives

Aite Group has announced a new report titled "Card Networks' Rebates and Incentives" that "addresses the strategic implications of card networks' rebates and incentives for industry stakeholders, including details concerning networks themselves, issuers, merchants, acquirers and regulators."


November 07, 2007

Gauging Battle-Readiness for a Post-Visa IPO World

Aite Group has published a new report titled "The Future of Card Networks: Gauging Battle-Readiness for a Post-Visa IPO World" that "considers how the world will look in a post-Visa IPO world, in which the four major card networks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, are publicly traded companies."


January 18, 2007

Fortney Named Chairman of EFTA's eFinancial Enablers Council

The eFinancial Enablers Council (eFEC), a roundtable of CEOs and division heads of leading Internet banking and payments providers, has announced the election of David S. Fortney as chairman. Mr. Fortney represents Metavante Corporation, where he serves as a senior vice president heading Metavante’s electronic presentment and payments business.


October 19, 2006

A New Business Model for Card Payments

The days of merchant-subsidized credit card rewards programs, rapid increases in interchange fees, and confusing fee structures for credit card purchases are numbered, according to new research by Diamond Management & Technology Consultants.


September 29, 2006

BITS - Decade Of Difference

BITS has released a 10 year retrospective titled "Decade of Difference" that takes a look back at the contributions made since BITS was founded in 1996.

September 26, 2006

Mobile Marketing Association Creates m-Commerce Committee

The Mobile Marketing Association has announced that it has launched an m-Commerce Committee to develop best practices, standards and other guidelines for mobile-commerce initiatives. The committee will serve as a consortium between wireless carriers and key players in the m-commerce ecosystem, including brands, retailers and media. The committee's goal is to create a framework that provides consumers with a simple, consistent, user-friendly m-commerce experience across the industry.


Network Branded Prepaid Card Association Reports 28 Members

The Network Branded Prepaid Card Association (NBPCA), a non-profit, inter-industry trade association created to advance the success of network branded prepaid cards, has launched its first membership year with twenty-eight members, all leaders in the prepaid card industry. The NBPCA has developed a three-year business plan with specific deliverables for each year, the goal being to materially enhance the business environment for network branded prepaid cards.


September 04, 2006

Recommended Reading: With Friends LIke These

The September 2006 issue of the Harvard Business Review has an article by David Yoffie and Mary Kwak titled "With Friends Like These - The Art of Managing Complementors" that's recommended reading. While this article is about the tech industry, the parallels to the US card payments world are striking.


July 21, 2006

Preparing the Way for a Smart Future

The Smart Card Alliance has announced its annual conference will be held October 3-6, 2006 at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla in San Diego. The theme of this year's conference is "Preparing the Way for a Smart Future".

June 12, 2006

On The Brink Of Surcharging?

Aneace Haddad, founder and chairman of payment software company Welcome Real-time, posts an opinion piece on his blog titled "Has interchange hype brought us to the brink of a surcharging sea change?" in which he says "It would be more effective for banks to shift their frustration with merchants away from litigation and channel it into making payment cards more valuable for merchants."

June 09, 2006

The Merchant-Bank Struggle for Control of Payment Systems

The Journal of Financial Transformation's September 2006 issue contains an article by Adam Levitin - an attorney in Wilmington, Delaware - titled "The Merchant-Bank Struggle for Control of Payment Systems" (PDF). His conclusion: "The ultimate outcomes of these developments are uncertain, but one thing is not: the payments industry will look very different in a decade."


May 15, 2006

Plastic Under Attack

Marcia Vickers writes for Fortune about the future of the card associations - MasterCard and Visa - and asks whether this is the "end of a long, golden age for the two card behemoths" on the cusp of MasterCard's upcoming initial public offering.

March 14, 2006

The Future of Charge Card Networks

A new working paper titled "The Future of Charge Card Networks" (PDF) by authors Robert E. Litan and Alex J. Pollock has been published by the Brookings Institution.

"At the end of the day, therefore, if none of the major scenarios or alternatives to the status quo is likely to produce significant benefits to consumers, as a class, one wonders what all of the controversy is about. It is a legitimate question."


February 28, 2006

Joint Ventures Win Antitrust Shield

Bloomberg reports on a US Supreme Court decision today that affirmed that "joint ventures have broad power to set prices without violating U.S. antitrust laws." The case, TEXACO INC. v. DAGHER ET AL (PDF), involved oil company joint venture pricing decisions.


February 13, 2006

Discover Card Drops No Surcharge Rule

Counsel for a group of merchants that has sued all the major credit card companies for antitrust violations has announced that, following negotiations, Discover has agreed to drop its "No Surcharge Rule'' and, consequently, that Discover would be dropped from the antitrust class action currently pending in a Brooklyn, NY federal court before District Judge John Gleeson.


December 09, 2005

Visa Can Sit Out Mastercard's IPO For Awhile

[Update - October 11, 2006: Visa this morning announced plans to reorganize and, eventually, to pursue an IPO].

James Kelleher reports for Reuters on whether Visa's in any hurry to follow MasterCard in going public.


December 07, 2005

Visa USA's Sheedy: Beware At The Pump

Visa USA Executive Vice President William M. Sheedy pens an op-ed column for the Washigton Times on "litigious merchants", particularly those in the fuel industry advocating new economics for payment card acceptance.


MasterCard Seeks Disqualification Of Law Firm

The Twin Cities Pioneer Press reports that MasterCard is requesting the disqualification of Minneapolis law firm Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi from a group of antitrust suits "because one of the firm's partners investigated MasterCard while he was a Justice Department lawyer."


December 06, 2005

MasterCard Supports Micro and Small Payments Via Aggregation Model

MasterCardMasterCard and Peppercoin have announced signing a Letter of Intent towards forming an alliance to accelerate card usage for small payments at the physical point of sale and online.


MasterCard Files Amended S-1/A Registration

MasterCardMasterCard this morning has filed an amended S-1/A Registration Statement with the SEC.


November 30, 2005

November 29, 2005

Alliance for Affinity Security Launches

The Alliance for Affinity Security has announced its launch focusing on administering new affinity programs designed to encourage the adoption of employer group health savings accounts (HSAs) and other defined contribution health care accounts, such as flexible spending accounts


November 25, 2005

RBA Adjusts Australian Credit Card Interchange

Attempting to address the nature of competition between card schemes as it relates to the level of interchange fees, the Payments System Board of the Reserve Bank of Australia has announced a revised Standard to apply to the setting of interchange fees in the designated Bankcard, MasterCard and Visa credit card schemes in Australia.


November 22, 2005

Modernizing Latin America's Payment Systems

The Economist Intelligence Unit has announced a new white paper sponsored by Visa International that assesses the
evolution of electronic payments systems in the six largest Latin American countries, as well as prospects for overcoming obstacles to full modernization. The study found that across the region collaboration between governments and the financial services industry has led to greater penetration of electronic payment products.


November 21, 2005

Blues, Visa Enter Into Co-Branded Debit Card Deal

VisaThe Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) and Visa USA have announced an agreement to support participating Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies nationwide in offering their members co-branded debit cards to pay for healthcare related expenses.


November 19, 2005

November 15, 2005

MasterCard Files Amended S-1 With SEC

MasterCard yesterday filed an amended S-1 registration with the SEC. Among the changes included in the amended version were the naming of additional investment bank underwriters (adding Citigroup, HSBC, and JP Morgan Chase as joint bookrunnners to Goldman, Sachs who is acting as both joint bookrunner and sole global coordinator) and the disclosure of a Consumer Cards Incentive Agreement signed in April of this year with MBNA. In June, Bank of America announced plans to acquire MBNA.

Visa USA Decides It Wasn't Where It Wanted to Be

Stuart Elliott reports for the New York Times on yesterday's announcement by Visa USA that it is switching creative advertising agencies from its agency for the last 20 years, BBDO Worldwide, to TBWA/Chiat/Day. Both agencies are part of the Omnicom Group.


November 14, 2005

Two More Retail Groups Sue Over Credit Card Fees

Eileen Alt Powell reports for the AP on two new class action lawsuits filed today against Visa USA, MasterCard Inc. and a number of major banks over interchange fees. The cases were filed by the American Booksellers Association and the National Grocers Association and several of its members, including Affiliated Foods Midwest, Coborn's Inc., D'Agostino's Supermarkets and the Minnesota Grocers Association.


FMI Asks Supreme Court Not to Give Credit Card Firms Shelter

Convenience Store News reports on a Nov. 10th amicus brief filing with the US Supreme Court by the Food Marketing Institute urging the court to reject an invitation from Visa to "create an antitrust safe harbor" regarding interchange fees. The complete brief (PDF) is available online on the FMI web site.

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