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All About Payments News

Thank you for reading Payments News from Glenbrook Partners!

For many years, the payments professionals at Glenbrook have monitored the news of the day across the wide ranging field of electronic payments. Using a number of techniques, we continuously scan for news stories that we as payments professionals find of interest -- and share them with you here.

We're particularly looking for innovation in payments as that's what "turns us on." Payments News provides an easy way for you to "read over our shoulder" every day -- sharing what we find most interesting and useful! Payments News is "reconnaissance for payments professionals."

Here's how Payments News is organized:

  • On the Payments News home page, you'll find the last seven days worth of stories along with a brief introduction to each story. If there's more to the story, you'll see a link indicating you should click thru to continue reading. Clicking that link (or the story title) will take you to the individual story page where you can read the full story. Here you'll also find the comments submitted by other readers.

  • Each story is tagged based on its subject(s) - and you'll see those links in the footer to each story. Clicking on any tag will take you to the complete archive of all the stories on Payments News for that particular tag. Here's a complete list of the tags used on Payments News.

  • You can also search Payments News (or the web) using the search boxes in either the right sidebars or at the bottom of an individual story page (searches the web for similar content using a special "site flavored" Google search that improves the relevance of the search results).

We Love to Hear from You!

Payments News runs on a platform that allows you to share your comments on each story. At the bottom of each story, you'll find a comments section where you can share your thoughts about that story's content. By sharing your comments with other payments professionals, we can all share and learn together!

How You Can Help

We hope you enjoy reading Payments News and find it a valuable tool. Our archives are rich with thousands of prior stories and are easily searchable - making Payments News a valuable reference when you're looking for that article you vaguely remember reading.

If you find what we're doing here useful to you, then please be sure to tell your friends!

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We love to - and welcome your suggestions! The best way to contact us is via email:

If you need to contact the editor of Payments News, Scott Loftesness, you can reach him (preferably) via email:

Or, via phone: at +1 (650) 469-3421.

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