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Affinity Cards

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August 12, 2014

Headline News from - August 12, 2014

On the Web:

  • Back to Square One - Fast Company (Austin Carr) - "There's need for the urgency. Square's Reader and Register products are no longer unique; a slew of upstarts and big rivals such as PayPal, NCR, and VeriFone now offer their own equivalent iPad systems, which threaten to eat away at Square's merchant share and payments business."
  • Reviewed: Xapo’s Bitcoin Debit Card - CoinDesk - "Upon debut, CoinDesk finds that the Xapo Debit Card has potential to be a useful bitcoin spending tool, but there are a few hiccups it must overcome first."
  • Shift Is Developing A Debit Card That Lets You Spend Digital Currency, Loyalty Points And Regular Money - TechCrunch - "In the San Francisco Bay Area and elsewhere in the world, 100 people are testing out a debit card that lets them pay with bitcoin and Ripple, and, in the future, regular money and loyalty points."
  • Partnering with Clover & First Data - GoodLabs Blog - "With such massive scale, we were obviously thrilled to launch our first in-store integration on their Clover platform, and we can’t say enough awesome things about partnering with them."
  • First Data: Gyft Deal Will Help Us Evaluate Bitcoin - CoinDesk - "...though the focus of the acquisition was Gyft’s mobile gift card platform, the company intends to take advantage of Gyft’s position in the bitcoin space to further its knowledge of emerging payment methods."
  • Black Hat 2014: A New Smartcard Hack - IEEE Spectrum - "The U.S. scheme is a mixture, with some banks issuing chip-and-PIN cards and others going down the signature route. We may therefore be about to see a large natural experiment as to whether it is better to authenticate transactions with a signature or a PIN."
  • Improving Mobile Security with Biometrics - Portals and Rails Blog - "No matter what biometric authentication methodology a system uses, the most important step is validating each customer's biometrics upon enrollment in the program."
  • New York Prosecutors Charge Payday Loan Firms With Usury - New York Times - "Beneath the dizzying corporate structure, prosecutors said, was a simple goal: make expensive loans even in states that outlawed them."

On the Wires:

  • FleetCor Agrees to Acquire Comdata for $3.45 Billion - "As an issuer and a processor, Comdata provides fleet, virtual card, and gift card solutions to over 20,000 customers. It has approximately 1,300 employees and enables over $54 billion in payments annually."
  • Square Announces New Accounting and Inventory Integrations for Canadian Businesses - "Square's partner platform connects Square sellers with new applications that complement Square's register service. Continuing to build upon Square's powerful, affordable and accessible business solutions, the QuickBooks Online, Xero and Stitch Labs integrations are designed to simplify operations for businesses throughout Canada."
  • Digital River Expands Its Brazil Payments Offerings for Online Merchants - “Brazil is the fourth largest payment card market in the world,” said Souheil Badran, senior vice president and general manager of Digital River World Payments. “A number of our clients view Brazil as a strategic growth opportunity. We can help them navigate this highly complex market for cross border commerce, improve their authorization and conversion rates, and control overhead costs and risks associated with managing their own local entities.”
  • TSYS Enables Secure Commerce with Tokenization - "The proliferation of “card-on-file” models, both remote and proximity, has created an industry need to produce and use tokens including: card-on-file at a merchant’s cart, digital wallets, QR and Bar codes, NFC and chip."
  • CFPB Warns Consumers About Bitcoin - "“Virtual currencies may have potential benefits, but consumers need to be cautious and they need to be asking the right questions,” said CFPB Director Richard Cordray. “Virtual currencies are not backed by any government or central bank, and at this point consumers are stepping into the Wild West when they engage in the market.”
  • Fiserv White Paper Outlines the Unique Mobile Banking Needs of Business Customers - “With more businesses using digital banking services, there is a focus on providing specialized mobile banking capabilities which cater to the needs of this attractive market segment,” said Teri Carstensen, division president, Bank Solutions, Fiserv.
  • American Express unveils The Centurion(SM) Lounge in New York LaGuardia Airport - “New York might be the city that never sleeps, but our Card Members can now find an oasis at LaGuardia Airport to relax and refresh when they’re traveling into and out of the city,” said Lisa Durocher, Senior Vice President, Consumer Charge Cards & Benefits at American Express. “As our third Centurion Lounge, opening the LaGuardia Airport location marks a huge milestone for us, and brings us closer to our goal of creating a better airport experience for our Card Members.”
  • Commerce Bank Introduces the USA Triathlon Visa® Rewards Credit Card - “We are excited to enter into a relationship with USA Triathlon and to offer their members a customized credit card as way to show their support for the organization and enthusiasm for one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S. Olympic movement,” said Chad Doza, Senior Vice President of Consumer Credit Card.

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April 04, 2014

Headline News from - April 4, 2014

On the Web:

On the Wires:

Updates from Glenbrook:

Note: Headline News is compiled by Glenbrook Partners. Throughout the day, as we spot interesting developments, this post is updated. Do you have news to share? Tell us here:!

April 01, 2014

Headline News from - April 1, 2014

On the Web:

On the Wires:

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December 20, 2013

Headline News from - December 20, 2013

Webinar: Managing Cardholder Data Security Risks in an Evolving Payments Landscape - Be sure to join Glenbrook's Bryan Derman, BakerHoestetler's Craig Hoffman and Mandiant's Marshall Heilman for this webinar on January 15 from 2-3:30 PM Eastern time. Registration is now open.

On the Web:

On the Wires:

Updates from Glenbrook:

Note: Headline News is compiled by Glenbrook Partners. Throughout the day, as we spot interesting developments, this post is updated. Do you have news to share? Tell us here:!

October 19, 2009

Tempo Introduces New Affinity and Co-Branded Debit Cards

Tempo has introduced a new Web-based platform that it says "enables organizations to quickly and easily offer affinity and co-branded debit cards to customers, contributors and members. These organizations can now provide open loop debit cards and offer rewards ranging from cash-back to charitable contributions. The debit cards enabled by Tempo are issued by First Bank & Trust, of Brookings, SD, part of Fishback Financial Corporation. Tempo’s platform enables these cards to be linked to cardholders’ pre-existing checking accounts." READ MORE »

June 02, 2009

Capital One Introduces Card Lab Connect for Nonprofits

Capital One has launched Card Lab Connect, a credit card affinity program that Capital One says helps nonprofits expand their giving channels while providing their supporters with a convenient and meaningful way to donate to charity programs. Unlike most affinity card programs which generally cater to larger, national organizations, Capital One Card Lab Connect is available for nonprofits of all sizes. READ MORE »

January 06, 2009

Auriemma Launches Co-Brand Cards “Checkup” Service For Retailers

The Auriemma Consulting Group (ACG) has launched a “health checkup” service for retailers to help them evaluate co-branded card programme performance and identify options for improvement. According to ACG, it builds on a service that has been utilised by the vast majority of card issuers in the recent years. READ MORE »

December 24, 2008

CardPartner Helps Small Groups Launch Affinity Card Programs

CardPartner, a New York-based company that works with nonprofits and other groups to offer branded Visa credit cards, has announced 12 new affinity credit card programs this week. This is in addition to more than 100 launched in the last nine months for nonprofits as diverse as Gilda’s Club New York City and Guide Dogs for the Blind. READ MORE »

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