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Address Fraud

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May 29, 2009

ID Insight, Patria Services Launch MoveManager

ID Insight and Patria Services Corp. have announced they have formed a joint venture to provide “MoveManager,” a solution for address change requests that delivers both risk management and portfolio optimization. A webinar on the new offering is scheduled for Wednesday, June 3, from 2-3 PM EDT.

According to the two companies, "the “MoveManager” technology platform combines the industry best practices of regulatory compliance and fraud prevention related to a customer’s address change with patent-pending marketing solutions that enhance portfolio performance. An address change request signals one of the most critical events in the life cycle of a client relationship. From a risk perspective, relocation represents an exposure to potential account takeover fraud and identity theft. From an opportunity perspective, relocation indicates a significant opportunity to meet the evolving needs of existing customers by targeting and delivering relevant incentives to generate new revenues."

March 04, 2009

Fraud Management Institute Report on Address Fraud

The Fraud Management Institute has released its first annual Address Fraud Survey.

This year, the Fraud Management Institute inaugurated its first annual Address Fraud Survey. We surveyed a wide variety of fraud management professionals in the banking, telecommunications and e-commerce industries to learn about their current experience with address fraud, the fraud risks they are giving top priority, and their implementation plans for different fraud management strategies. The results, and our analysis of those results, are published in this report.

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