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November 02, 2010

Aconite Announces Packaged Solution To Speed EMV Adoption

aconite_logo_140px.pngAconite has announced the Aconite Smart EMV Manager, an integrated package that delivers "a sophisticated, fully-featured EMV solution in a single product. With straightforward pricing, simple interfaces and a plug-in deployment model, Aconite Smart EMV Manager offers all the benefits of Aconite's world-leading EMV components in a single, easy to implement package."

November 17, 2009

Aconite, Ecebs Collaborate on Multi-Function Smart Cards

Aconite has announced that it will collaborate with Ecebs Limited to develop and deliver a smart card that combines transport ticketing and payment capabilities with other services. According to the company, "he combination of Aconite’s back-office smart card administration and transaction processing software with Ecebs’ software for developing on-card applications will provide a unique end-to-end solution for managing smart card products, individual smart cards and their applications." READ MORE »
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