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Headline News from - June 9, 2017

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  • Orange Poland launches payments using Android Pay - telecompaper - "Orange Poland has become the first operator on the market to launch payments by mobile phone using Android Pay integrated with Orange Finance. Clients can activate the payment by mobile phone and enter a debit or credit card directly to the mobile banking service of Orange Finance. No additional applications need to be installed. "
  • NXP issues statement of support for NFC tag reading on Apple devices - NFC World - "NXP welcomes the 16m registered developers to the NFC universe,” the company says. “We trust that they will happily start using the available iOS 11 beta version. We look forward to a surge of creativity, and a significant increase in consumer-focused Internet of Things (IoT) applications."
  • Watch out for this surprise credit-card charge, the CFPB warns - MarketWatch - "“Deferred interest” means they offer no interest for a set period of time, as long as the balance is paid in full by the end of that promotional period. For consumers who are able to pay that balance off, a deferred-interest card can then be a viable option. The problem, the bureau said: Many consumers do not realize they will be charged interest retroactively on all the purchase made during the promotional period if they do not pay the balance in full. And it may not be clear from reading the cards’ terms that this is the case."
  • Keolis launches ‘all-in-one’ digital app to plan travel, book, and validate tickets - Metro Magazine - "Keolis announced the availability of its “Plan Book Ticket” solution, a “three-in-one” digital app enabling passengers to plan, book, buy, and validate their tickets using their smartphones. The solution, which has several of its functions in use on other networks in France, is now complete with the inclusion of M-Ticket, a digital tool that allows passengers to purchase and validate their tickets on a whole transport network, making public transport simple and easy to use. The first network to use the app in its complete version is TAO (bus and trams) in Orléans, France."
  • IBM signs 10-year cloud services agreement with Lloyd's Banking Group - ZDNet - "IBM on Thursday confirmed it's signed a 10-year, $1.66 billion (£1.3 billion, including VAT) deal with Lloyds Banking Group to provide dedicated cloud services for the UK bank. The deal rivals the size and scope of some of IBM's largest cloud agreements, the tech giant said. Lloyds Banking Group has 12.5 million online customers and 8 million mobile users, making it the UK's largest digital bank, IBM noted."
  • How Ethereum became the platform of choice for ICO’d digital assets - TechCrunch Network - "For most of the history of blockchain-based currencies and assets, the story has been all about Bitcoin. At a market capitalization of around $40 billion, it remains the most valuable cryptocurrency. But with the rise of a new ‘chain on the — ahem — block, namely Ethereum, and new ways to fund the development of new crypto-platforms with ICOs, the narrative is shifting somewhat to the entire cryptographic asset class."



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