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Headline News from - February 29, 2016


  • Square Unlocks Cash Drawer for Square Cash - "Beginning today, Square Cash customers have the option to store money within the app with the new Cash Drawer feature. Cash Drawer gives anyone the ability to stash cash they receive directly in the app or add their own from their bank account, making it easier to set aside funds for future costs like dinners out with friends, or upcoming payments like your monthly rent."
  • Overdraft Practices Continue to Gut Bank Accounts and Haunt Customers - New York Times - "In a push for transparency since the 2008 financial crisis, regulators require banks to clearly disclose and explain the terms of just about every financial product, including credit cards and mortgages. But overdraft practices still come with hidden costs and confusing terms..."
  • The future of Apple Pay: From payments to platform - iMore - "Apple Pay will eventually be more than just a way to quickly make payments in-store and in-app. But how it evolves depends on the scope of Apple's ambitions."
  • Amid Confusion, Venmo Back Pedals Total Shutdown of its API - ProgrammableWeb - "Venmo has apologized for the confusion it created, but it did admit that it will be reevaluating its API."
  • New Payments Tech Is Oiling Wheels of Trade - Raconteur - "Distributed ledger technology offers financial organisations the potential to address challenges around efficiency, trust, transparency and innovation by connecting multiple systems and organisations."
  • MasterCard to use the power of selfies to protect your online shopping - The Age (Australia) - "Using a new system called MasterCard Identity Check - or, colloquially, "selfie pay" - the credit card company will use biometric methods like face recognition and fingerprint scans to better secure online shopping."



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