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Headline News from - February 2, 2016


  • A Year of Progress: Celebrating the Anniversary of Strategies for Improving the U.S Payment System - Faster Payments Blog - "Read our February 2016 Progress Report and hear more about the Federal Reserve’s vision for the future U.S. payment system in video interviews with Esther George, President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and executive sponsor of the payments improvement initiative, and Jerome Powell, Federal Reserve Board Governor and co-chair of the initiative’s oversight committee."
  • Cutting Off Those Recurring Charges You Forgot About - New York Times - "Once Trim performs its analysis, you get a text message with a list of all your recurring charges. You reply with “Cancel X,” and then the company takes it from there, making the request on your behalf to the service provider."
  • CIO Explainer: What Is Blockchain? - Wall St. Journal - "Blockchain remains in the experimental phase inside many large firms and there are few tested use cases, experts and analysts caution. Here’s a look at how this emerging technology works..."
  • Blythe Masters and JPMorgan trial blockchain project - - "JPMorgan appears to be taking a lead in encouraging broader, industry-wide adoption of blockchain technology..."
  • Bank Tellers, With Access to Accounts, Pose a Rising Security Risk - New York Times - "Though much of the focus on bank fraud has been on sophisticated hackers, it is the more prosaic figure of the teller behind the window who should worry depositors, according to prosecutors, government officials and security experts."


  • MasterCard Adds to Global Public Policy Team - "MasterCard today announced the appointment of Alexander N.M. Niejelow as a senior vice president of public policy, effective February 8, 2016."
  • BlueSnap Measures Checkout Abandonment To Help Retailers Avoid Lost eCommerce Sales - “People buy from Amazon because they have a simple, one-click checkout process. Every retailer needs to provide that same experience or risk losing out. That’s the inspiration behind the Checkout Conversion Calculator – to help merchants discover and zero in on the things they must do to maximize their checkout, payments and sales conversions,” says Ralph Dangelmaier, CEO of BlueSnap.



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