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Headline News from - February 1, 2016



  • ExxonMobil Smart Cardholders Now Save 6 Cents Off Every Gallon, Every Day - "Starting today, every time drivers fill up using their ExxonMobil Smart Card, they will enjoy a savings of six cents for each gallon of fuel they buy at an Exxon- or Mobil-branded retail station with no minimum purchase and no maximum savings cap – one of the most rewarding offers on a branded fuel credit card."
  • Global Payments Platform Launches New E-Wallet Solution for the Gaming Industry - “Although all gaming sites generally have a means of moving money throughout their site, often the experience is clunky and inefficient for the user, and causes high fees for the provider due to the need to use multiple payment vendors,” said Gay Hamilton, Chief Operations Officer at MiFinity Payments. “MiFinity is the only company to offer a wallet solution specifically for the gaming industry. With MiFinity’s E-Wallet, there is only one source of service, enabling gaming operators to offer a seamless and flexible experience to their end users, while streamlining their own costs and processes.”
  • Is a Higher Credit Score the Secret to Happiness in 2016?“The tension Americans are feeling with their credit scores is actually very healthy because this singular metric can impact their ability to achieve and afford big financial goals. Your credit score impacts whether you can purchase a home or car, obtain a loan to go to school or start a business and qualify for better interest rates,” says personal finance expert and Chase Slate financial education partner Farnoosh Torabi.



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